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Let Freedom Ring



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The freedoms we have, in the USA have come with a price, yet for Johnny Blackwater, this young Cheyenne brave wanted to follow his father's footsteps by joining the US Army.

For Johnny Blackwater, his desire to be a soldier went back as far as his first grade of school. Now that he's graduated from high school that desire is even stronger, but Cheyenne customs would not allow him to fight the white man's war unless he carried the title of warrior in the tribe. A warrior challenge would be necessary for him and three other braves from the tribe who also want to join the Army with their friend Johnny. With the warrior challenge won, by all four braves, they enlisted in the Army and were sent off to boot camp where each of the now Cheyenne warriors excelled in every aspect of their training. Because of their excellence, when war was about to break out with Iraq, (DESERT STORM) these four Cheyenne warriors were pulled out of boot camp and sent to a special camp for special training as spotters for demolition teams to get the men to their destinations so they could set the charges and to get them safely back out before the places could blow. Once again these young men proved more than capable of handling the task set before them, and a week prior to Operation Desert Storm started, these men were already on their way to Iraq. Johnny was chosen to be squad leader for the spotters. By the time the first bombs of the war struck their targets, The four Cheyenne warriors were anxious to do their jobs Their first mission was an ammo dump. and they went out in darkness to reach the dump, see that the demolition team made it into the dump safely to set the charges, and saw to it they got out of there safely before it blew. Johnny Blackwater confiscated a rack body truck from the enemy and safely got the ten man demo team away from the dump in plenty of time to watch the fireworks over a mile away. He drove the truck back to the base with the demo team and the other spotters in the back. On their second mission, a week later, they were looking for a hidden plane bunker and the brass had it pinned down to a ten mile radius of a certain coordinates. Johnny was on top of the bunker they were looking for when an overhead door opened and Johnny was slid back into the desert sand. The demo team made it into the bunker and charges set, then all fourteen men ran as fast as they could away from the bunker before it blew. A couple of weeks later the cheyenne warriors were being sent back stateside and a well-deserved rest. Johnny's three friends were promoted to Private 1st class and Johnny was upgraded to Sergeant. for excellence during wartime. All four warriors were wed prior to being sent to Iraq, and they all would meet their mates when they got off the plane at Travis Air Force Base. What the warriors did not know, was that the town where their reservation is located, had prepared a special homecoming for the four warriors

Submitted: July 27, 2018
Last Updated: July 27, 2018

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The Writer: Ernie Johnson

I was a writer/author before entering the world of screenwriting. I got into screenwriting because several readers of my book Destiny of the Divas, told me they'd like to see it as a screenplay. Nobody knows my characters the way I do, so I chose to write the screenplay myself.All my present screenplays are from books I've written. I am a retired old man of 72 who loves to fish and enjoys a good game of cribbage. Go to bio

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