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The night after a huge, kind man is beat up by his long-time bully, he goes to the bully's house to get revenge.

Drama Thriller short script (for sale or option)

Other Genres: Revenge and Home Invasion

Budget: Micro-budget

Pages: Five

Theme: Let it go (stop being angry about something that happened).


A huge man (20s) in a hoodie paces nervously outside of a house. The hood covers his face, hiding his identity.

Max Smith (20s) opens the front door. He's a rich, flashy bully who loves the spotlight. The huge man sticks a handgun in his face.

Max thinks the huge man wants money, but he doesn't. The huge man takes off his hood, revealing his identity: Jaxson Cook; a kind man who’s been bullied too much. He has a black eye and a busted lip that Max gave him at a party the night before.

Max apologizes for giving Jaxson the black eye and busted lip. Max also apologizes for bullying him since elementary school. Max begs Jaxson not to shoot him. Will Jaxson shoot him? Or will he let it go (stop being angry about what happened at the party and about what happened all those years)? End of Synopsis.

Cast: Three (one character only speaks in voiceover)

Setting and Location: Present day; one house.

Thanks for hearing my pitch. The script and full script rights are available for purchase (very low price) or option (very low option fee).

If you have any questions or concerns, please message me on Script Revolution or email me (storytelling200@gmail.com).

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Submitted: December 21, 2019
Last Updated: February 21, 2020
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