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An agoraphobic woman must find her courage when the letter carrier she flirts with through the door has an accident on her front steps.

Marla never leaves her house. Maybe one day she'll go to France and sit in a cafe and mange du poisson. But for now she spends her time crocheting, taking French lessons and giving herself pep talks. When Olly the letter carrier arrives, they flirt through the door and she reads to him from her encyclopedia. Today it's Kant. But though they're only inches from each other, Olly might as well be on the other side of the earth.

Suddenly CRASH! And silence. Marla calls through the door. He doesn't answer. She wants to help but she's too panicked to investigate. Curse her fears! But it's sweet Olly. She screws up her courage and opens the door. Olly lies twisted at the bottom of the stairs, his head bleeding. Without thinking she rushes to him. He opens his eyes and smiles. He's fine. It was all a trick. And she's outside. OUTSIDE.

Her anger quickly spins into a full-blown panic attack. She gasps for air. Olly takes her hand and calmly talks her through it. In... one-two-three. Out... one-two-three. She slows her breathing. As he helps her back to the house she's shaky but happy. She did it. And he wants to hear more about this Kant fellow.

Submitted: March 10, 2020
Last Updated: August 10, 2020

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The Writer: Dawn Johnston

I’m a Canadian screenwriter who specializes in drama, dramedy and darkly comic scripts. My short script, Goodbye Today was produced by a local filmmaker and my feature drama script, Mother , was a Nicholl Fellowship quarter-finalist. More recently, I am in development with director Barnet Bain on a modern adaptation of a classic book. I'm also working with producer Sean Moussavi to develop one of my feature scripts. Check out my website for other features and pilots. I also welcome constructive feedback on my scripts. Feel free to DM. Thanks! Go to bio
Manager: John Ferraro

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