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Seven girls plan the biggest diamond heist in New York history.

Set in the heart of New York's Diamond District, seven girls plan the biggest diamond heist in New
York history. Led by Ann Li, the ring leader and seductress of the seven. She seduces Kevin Ford, the
great-grandson of the New York Diamond Exchange, a billion-dollar company, by gaining his trust, by
bedding and stroking his ego.
But when Kevin starts falling in love with Ann, Ann Li makes her move and sets in motion the plans to
rob the diamond exchange by stealing the diamond exchanges vault security code and Kevin's eye
Ann Li, all the while posing as his secretary and lover, her and her beautiful cohorts workout the
planning for the heist. Night after night the seven practice bypassing the security Laser Beams of the
vault room, getting it down to a fault until they are ready for the heist.
When Ann Li has one last night of toying with Kevin, she gives him a long night of sex and fun.
leaving him deeper in love, but only to make him out to be a fool when he discovers his family's
business has been robbed by her and her girlfriends leaving him left holding the bag.


Submitted: May 24, 2020
Last Updated: June 22, 2020

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The Writer: Kenneth M Sutton

My name is Kenneth M. Sutton, I am a new screenwriter from Michigan. I have written Three screenplays, one is a Full Feature Film titled "Charlie" and the other is a TV Pilot script titled "Wendi Winter - Winters Come" . I just completed my 3rd screenplay titled "Guerrilla Force" an Action/Adventure/Drama. I am now currently working on having my newest short screenplay titled "Like A Cat" , turned into a short film and hope to have it completed by 2021. I also am a Film / Video Game Composer with full knowledge of Protools and Cubase software. Go to bio
Agency: Free Agent
Agent: Free Agent
Manager: Free Agent

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