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Living Daylights

A family stranded in a remote town where the locals are terrified of the dark struggles to survive their own demons and the towns' until nightfall.



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Annie, a single mother, believes she's located her daughter's father and decides to drive her to Las Vegas to meet him. She's joined by her sister Alice with her partner Lana, planning to elope but recently plagued by a past infidelity and unsure of their relationship, as well as Lana's roommate Horatio, a third-wheel loner who worries about losing his social life to their marriage. The group are all anxious for their own reasons but trying to have a good time on the road trip until they encounter a group of drunk, aggressive men at a gas station. The men tailgate them, causing an accident near a remote town called Daylight. The townspeople assure Annie and the others that they'll soon be on their way, but when Annie's car is stolen they're forced to survive the night in a town so terrified of the dark they keep the lights on around the clock.

Submitted: March 30, 2020
Last Updated: April 1, 2020

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The Writer: Kat Hausler

Kat Hausler is the author of the novel Retrograde, as well as various short stories and essays. She lives in Berlin and is an avid fan of horror movies. Her first feature screenplay "Living Daylights" has been nominated for Best Horror and Best Action/Thriller at the NOVA Film Fest. Go to bio