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Louis, The Great

The young girl Number 99 is sent a golden, mysterious letter requesting for her attendance to Louis the Great’s secret palace. When she refuses, disastrous consequences haunt her way.



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Rosemary's Baby (1968) and Psycho (1960) and They Live (1988)

A beautiful and charming yet artificial dystopian theocracy where God-like, sovereign Louis the Great is cherished, feared and obeyed by all citizens who take everything he says as gospel, despite never been seen in the flesh before. A controlled and self-contained village that is very picturesque with perfect fashion, lovely shops, parks, and culture. Everybody wears the exact same perfect colourful dress and makeup; every man wears the same perfect tight suit. All the citizens go to bed at the same time. Instead of a pay check for their labouring, they receive free housing, food and clothes. The village inhabitants are quite friendly and pleasant. Yet they are all prisoners and slaves continually observed by hidden cameras and authority who manipulate the behaviour of its citizenry. Louis the Great lives in an underground control room which monitors closed-circuit television cameras located throughout the community. Every citizen before bed, puts on long wires inside their ears, attached to a skin-tight neck choker. While they sleep for eight hours, oppressive words and messages whisper through their ears, seep through their subconscious and shape their inner thoughts. On every ceiling, as required by law, is the picture of the secret face of Louis the Great. He is in a black suit with a white tie and has an eye for a head. Instead of a head, there is a gigantic eye. The eye is constantly blinking and watching, the pupil is constantly whirling like a spinning wheel.

Number 99 is the average young girl protagonist who works at a respectable factory where they murder ugly people with ugly insides. Girls wait in a line to be cut open, then three male judges judge the prettiness of the person’s insides.
Number 99 is sent a golden, mysterious letter requesting for her attendance to Louis the Great’s secret palace. When she refuses, disastrous consequences haunt her way.
President James Augustus visits her, making her to obey Louis the Great. She rejects his command and continues to be threatened with letters.
Her sister, father and mother are each sent a letter from Louis, the Great to murder her. They each fail – Number 99 murders them all in self-defence. The only family member left is her brother.
Her co-workers are brainwashed to murder her with knives. Number 99 murders them all in self-defence.
President James Augustus orders the townspeople on TV to capture Number 99. Number 99’s house is invaded by hundreds of townspeople; they capture and kidnap her with weapons.
Louis the Great tortures her, as she is held captive in his palace. She escapes from her leash and strangles Louis the Great. In escaping from the palace, President James Augustus chases her while whacking his sledgehammer at her. In the end she sledgehammers him repeatedly. He stops moving and dies. In the palace Number 99 discovers that all authority figures are all robots controlled by Louis (President James Augustus, priests, bosses, judges). They wear a human mask to cover their bloody eyes and rotting faces. She destroys them and shuts them down.
She speaks in front of the masses and several loyal Louis followers attempt to assassinate her on the stage as the crowd screams.
All the citizens start a revolution and a bonfire; they throw into the fire all the printed Laws, makeup, cosmetics, uniforms and weapons.

Submitted: June 28, 2020
Last Updated: August 2, 2020

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The Writer: L. Nardone

L.Nardone has written twenty five 12 minute TV episodes and two feature films. She has a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in film and television studies. Her major influences are Rod Serling, Quentin Tarantino, Alfred Hitchcock and Louis C.K. Go to bio

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