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Love At War

A man struggles to convince his girlfriend that she needs to tell her parents about him, but she's resolved not to do it because of a secret she's hiding.



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A man desperately tries to get his girlfriend to finally commit to their future by her telling her parents the truth about them. it's been three years of their courtship and he's never met them. at first, he thinks it's because of his social status but then as he digs deeper he discovers other serious underlining reasons are to blame.

Submitted: April 27, 2020
Last Updated: April 27, 2020

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The Writer: Joao Nsita

Ciao Bella. Wait, hang on. Can I speak Italian? That knowledge has to be exercised on my bio. Hi, hello, hey Bella, whoa! That's straight out sleazy. I'm Joao Nsita. My first name is pronounced Jo-wow. There's sadly nothing about me that's wow. Not yet, anyway. Wink wink. Now that's sleazy. I've been writing comedy scripts since 2011. My el-scriptos are generally adult-themed. As you can tell with this frankly weird bio, I love nothing more than to write banter and filled with witty jokes. Witty, you say? Has anyone ever described you as that? Sadly, not internal Jo-wow. I'm hoping to be the Black Chuck Lorre through writing. Say what you like about that man, but that dude can make people... Go to bio

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