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Love From California

A female ex-detective and a female sociopath go head to head against each other. Making it head games.



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Mila is a hacker and an ex-mercenary from Russia. Ex-detective Lola Valens spends her time babysitting and watching her second niece. With her husband, Barry working a case and running errands before dinner. Lola rushes out of the house when her daughter, Brie shows up and leaves Brie with the infant. Mila takes the biggest hotel room at the biggest hotel in all of Los Angeles. Mila hacks into the police department database and copies all their files. Shortly after Lola gets her weekly pedicure, she spots Barry sitting at a park with an undercover detective, Carmen. Lola drives off in anger and alerts Barry as she yells in anger.

In the hotel room, Mila buys the biggest mansion and buys some furniture to go with it. Lola prepares dinner and awaits for her firstborn son to come over. Together at dinner, Nicholas awaits his special guest coming to dinner as well and it turns out to be Carmen. Lola gets furious at Barry, while Barry gets furious at Nicholas. Mila creates an identity for herself as an employee for the police department and walks right into the same department that Barry works in. Even assisted by him. Mila hacks into the Chief's computer and copies all the files of all the undercover officers. She walks out with all the information.

Carmen meets with Barry and informs him that the buyer will meet up with them that evening. Shortly after, Nicholas is shot in the line of duty and rushed to the hospital. Like all mothers, Lola went into panic mode, and she becomes an emotional wreck. Things are shown to be serious between Carmen and Nicholas. Later in the evening during a bust, Barry arrests human traffickers and takes the girls to the buyer. Carmen is in the presence of the buyer who turns out to be Mila. Time ticks away with Mila's patience and Carmen's life but Barry shows up. Mila begins to question Barry about the transaction and tells him the story about her father that had a favorite girl. He lost the girl to another man, and in the end, the girl ended up dead along with the man. Barry reads deep into the story, realizing that the man sounds like his father-in-law. Carmen and Barry leave the mansion, but Carmen is upset about leaving the girl behind. Barry rushes to his house and retains a watch that belonged to the woman in Mila's story. Having the watch analyzed to find any evidence left behind, Barry learns that the woman wearing the watch was killed with a hot dose.

In the morning time, Lola pours orange juice over Barry's head for staying out late but tells Lola that he solved the deceased woman's watch. Being disturbed from a knock at her own front door, Shelly is attacked by a vengeful Mila, and informs her about her father, Xander, whom she shot dead. Mila shoots Shelly. Having not heard from Shelly, Lola goes to her house and finds a wounded but not dead. At the hospital, Carmen and Nicholas are taken hostage and held at gunpoint by Mila. About to approach the hospital, Lola is distracted by Mila, and in a fit of rage, Mila fires away but ends up wounding Barry. With her husband, son and best friend in the same hospital. Lola sets off to find and arrest Mila. At her compound, Lola gets unexpected help from Carmen and ends up driving a monster truck through the wall of the mansion. Confronting Mila, Mila and Lola get into a physical altercation. Ending with her being arrested by Lola. A job done, and Lola gets her job back.

An imprisoned Mila is more dangerous than she when she was free, causing her to break a guards hand off and causing a prisoner to crack her skull off of a bleacher board. Mila asks for Lola's visit. Her feelings for it aren't happy but she pays Mila a visit. Disturbed by her visit, Lola returns to Shelly to say goodbye. After Shelly's funeral, Lola returns to see Mila and tells the sociopath about herself, angering her but quickly brushes it off. Lola begins having nightmares, and this concerns Barry, not wanting his wife to go see Mila. Lola punches Barry in the face. Now knowing that she must end contact with Mila. Lola tells Mila goodbye. Mila throws threats towards her, and during a transfer, Mila kills two guards. When Mila thinks that she's free, Lola shows up at the moment. Pointing a gun at Mila, asking for forgiveness. Lola shoots and kills Mila.

Having dinner with their son, Carmen and Nicholas announce their engagement. A bet that one of them had got right but are blown away when they find out that Carmen is pregnant. Both winning their bets.

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Krimson Horyzon International Film Festival Award Winner 2022

Submitted: June 19, 2021
Last Updated: May 8, 2023

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The Writer: Nicholas P

Hello, my name is Nicholas P, and welcome to my profile! I encourage other writers to find their voices and show their art! Everyone has a voice. I found mine in giving a lot of character to the scripts that I have written. Write on! All I can tell everyone that has a voice is to stick to it and continue to grow with your creativity. Keep going. I notify everyone that has request to read my scripts, that I will release them when the time is right, and all I ask is for your patience. As of this very moment, I am finished with the Issues series and there's no way of knowing if I want to pursue writing more shorts or screenplay's. I feel I have delivered. So, here are the complete lineup of... Go to bio

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