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Two girls talk about love in a classroom, which later leads to a love confession.

Anna (16) and Christina (17) are two high school girls doing normal everyday activities in a High School classroom. Christina studies and Anna hymns a random melody. Suddenly Anna asks Christina ”What is love?”. After thinking hard on the question, Christina answers that love is when two people are falling in love with each other. Not completely satisfied with the answer, Anna walks to the classrooms black board and claims that love might be more complex than that.

Anna begins to explain about quantity, and after that suddenly mention about an Anime and Manga genre called ”Yuri”. Yuri is about the intimate relationships between two women. It has some similarities to the lesbian depictions from american TV series like ”The L Word” and ”Orange Is The New Black”, in which they all involve lesbian relationships in their plots.

After that Anna starts to talk about the typical five characteristics (beautiful, cute, cool, childish and smart). She then suddenly asks Christina what characteristics she liked the most, in which Christina answers ”Maybe a combination of all that you've mentioned”. Anna goes a bit further in her questioning and asks if Christina likes boys or girls. Christina flushes and answers that she likes girls, an answer that makes even Anna flustered.

Before Anna could continue to explain more about love, Christina interupts. She begins to understand that Anna wanted to say something other than explaining about love, so she encourages Anna to tell her what she wanted to say to her. A nervous and flustered Anna tells Christina that she’s been in love with Christina since her first day at school. Christina becomes a bit chocked, and Anna says that they should forget about that the conversation has ever happened.

Suddenly Christina walks toward Anna and kisses her, confirming that she is also in love with Anna. It becomes a big chock for Anna, but she’s very happy that Christinas feelings are the same as hers. They both decide to clean up the black board and walk together to a fast food restaurant.

When they’re done cleaning the classroom, Anna asks Christina when she began to love Anna. Christina answers that she fell in love with Anna during Annas first day at school. Anna gets embarrassed and laughs. She states that she should’ve asked her out instead of explaining about the complexity of love. Christina answers while going out of the classroom, that love is weird that way. In order to get the attention of the person you love, you do weird things. It’s a normal thing to happen when you’re really in love.

As Anna and Christina reached the school entrance, they decide to walk out the entrance while holding each others hands showing that they are a pair.

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The Writer: Jonathan Lindgren

Hi My name is Jonathan Lindgren and I'm a 25 year old man from Sweden. I’m very interested in performing arts, and I’m especially interested in Music. I’ve even studied Music and Cultural Entrepreneurship with Musicology as a major all through my high school and university years. Otherwise I’m very interested in everything that has to do with performing arts, like movies and TV series. I’m doing some acting as well. I’ve been acting in two of my high school’s musicals, and I’ve also auditioned for a few Movies and musicals in Sweden. My interest for movies and TV series came to realization during my last year of high school. During that time I began to think of different ideas for movies... Go to bio

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