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An ageing actress struggles with her legacy when one of her worst films becomes a cult classic.

Veronica Lange, a once revered and successful actress lives in virtual seclusion in Beverly Hills. After one of her worst films became a cult, camp classic, her career and her legacy are shred to pieces and she is forced into hiding. As her estranged daughters star starts to rise in the very industry she once dominated, she is forced to again, confront her own irrelevance in the business and in the eyes of the public.

After receiving an invitation to speak at a panel discussion one day, Veronica decides to chance a public outing and ease herself back into the limelight. When the event bombs however, she is convinced more than ever that she needs to put the film that ruined her career behind her and rescue her legacy with a grand come back.

At the same time, her daughter Angela is having a career crisis. A bad divorce and severe disillusionment with Hollywood, sends her to New York in search of some anonymity and critical acclaim in the theatre world.
As Veronica rallies all her old contacts to help her with her comeback, she realises that the industry she so dramatically backed out of 30 years ago, is not the same as it is today. No one will give her a break.

When her agent finds out that Angela is producing and staring in a contemporary adaptation of Mildred Pierce on Broadway, he jumps at the chance for Veronica to join, knowing it will be an easy way to get her back into work.
Reluctantly, Angela agrees. And despite the theme of the play focusing heavily on a dysfunctional relationship between a mother and daughter, she seems confident her mother is desperate enough for her comeback to go well, that they will be able to make amends and not become caught up in their own dysfunctional history. But old habits die hard and as soon as Veronica arrives, old wounds begin to open.
Veronica cannot help but attempt to exert control over the production, feeling as always, mother knows best, despite her absence from the business for three decades. Eventually, piece by piece, the production starts to fail and it appears Veronica’s one last chance at a Swan Song is again out of reach.

Submitted: December 29, 2019
Last Updated: December 29, 2019

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The Writer: Rohan Stephens

I consider myself simply a writer first and foremost. I look for stories to tell. Good stories. Interesting stories. Stories that capture moments and feelings in time, that replicate as best as possible our greatest loves, fears, joys and horrors. If that story is best told in a short, a feature, a novel or a poem, then so be it. It will make its own way there. I’m just here to see it come to life. My name is Rohan Stephens and I am a London based, Australian raised, semi-professional adult, full time homosexual, casual traveller and freelance citizen of the world. And I of course, write. My stories tend to be about characters typically associated with queer culture. Not necessarily gay,... Go to bio

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