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In June 1998, addict MATT leaves Los Angeles when his meth dealer gets caught and goes to hide away by surprising his family at their summer home across the country in the Berkshires -- and together, they deal with a past tragedy and present addictions.

From Blacklist:
What this script does well is provide a strong ending for Matt’s character and toy with the concept of luck. The most clever parts of this story come from Matt believing that it’s his "lucky day" from the first scenes in West Hollywood, when he’s constructing a homemade trap door in a box of cigarettes to carry his meth, which makes him half an hour late to his dealer, NICK’s place, causing him to just barely miss getting caught by the police, who are taking Nick away by the time he arrives. It’s a darkly comedic take on luck and it’s clear that despite Matt believing he’s “lucky,” he’s still quite a mess -- and when he realizes that he left a voicemail on Nick’s phone, he decides to use the $500 that his mother mailed him to go “surprise” his family at their summer home in the Berkshires. It’s there that he, his mother, ELISE, father, RUSSELL, and sisters JEANNIE and ELLYN, are still reeling from the death of his brother, PAUL -- and attempting to skirt the elephant in the room. It’s not until the end, when Elise gives a powerful insight into the idea of luck, addressing Paul and Matt's brotherhood -- and diving into a story from her family’s history -- that there’s a sense of closure being created for the family and especially for Matt towards the tragedy and lessons divulged for Jeannie's kids in a remarkably poignant way.

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The Writer: Mark Olmsted

Smart, funny, historical. Been around the block. In fact, I landscaped the block. My mother was French, and I grew up on stories of her youth in Avignon, including life under Nazi occupation. My passion for this period in history and my love of romance languages inform my screenplay, "The Exiled Heart." A graduate of NYU Film School, my first foray into full-length screenwriting began in 1986, and the decade that followed is a tragic saga of a romantic comedy that got so close to getting made it would make you cry if I told you the whole story. The decade after (1996-2006) is a harrowing tale of surviving HIV, drug addiction, and prison. The decade after that (2006-present) is an uplifting... Go to bio

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