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Ludlow, Colorado (1913/14). A beleaguered Greek miner draws a reluctant strike instigator into the throes of a Colorado mining revolt, sparking a labor dispute with horrifying consequences. Based on a true story.



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Ludlow, Colorado (1913-1914)

A diverse group of immigrant miners working slave labor in a "closed camp" operated by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. wage a strike in hopes of gaining union representation and, ultimately, a better standard of living.

Protagonist Tony Vikais, led to believe that there's little downside to a peaceful protest, corrals support, overcoming internal opposition from fellow Greek, Louis Tikas, who waged a similar revolt at another mine that went terribly awry.

Mother Jones, an 83-year-old firebrand languishing in a rat-infested jail cell, has taken up the cause of the miners and works tirelessly and manipulatively behind the scenes to cause as much trouble as possible for the Colorado government. She finds herself at odds with Union Representative John Lawson, who believes a peaceful outcome through diplomacy is entirely possible; she knows better.

The strike, which coincides with one of the worst blizzard events in Colorado history, results in the eviction of 1,000 families from their homes. With the union's help, they establish a tent colony which takes an already abysmal living situation from bad to worse.

The conflict escalates when the Colorado National Guard is called in to "keep the peace." A series of horrific events ensues--events that will leave an audience wondering how it's possible this story has never before been depicted in film.

Ludlow is a story that is as cautionary and relevant today as it was more than 100 years ago... a story that must be told.

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Submitted: January 25, 2023
Last Updated: February 8, 2023

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The Writer: Sarah Kennedy

Sarah left a career as an executive speech writer and communications strategist for a Fortune 5 company to stay home with children and care for elderly parents. She feels there are important stories that need to be told and that cinema is the ultimate canvas. Go to bio

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