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When jaded, entitled director Conrad Ewing is fired from his big-budget movie and thrown out of his agency, he sets out to turn the tables and show Hollywood who's really boss.

For twenty years, indie filmmaker CONRAD EWING has beguiled, abused, and partied his way upwards into the privileged ranks of the Hollywood elite. Today, as he steps into the film offices of “Envisionmentertainment” to berate the preproduction team working on his next big budget tentpole release… his manager WARREN reveals that Conrad has been fired in favor of bringing “the next hot young filmmaker” onto the project. With his status as a Hollywood power player in jeopardy, with his entire future hanging in the balance, Conrad vows to show Warren and the rest of his Hollywood masters who’s truly boss.

By going back to his indie roots, by producing the film he truly desires to make instead of the films Hollywood offers him, Conrad can prove once and for all that his creative power, and not the politics of his producers and representatives, is what makes him a success. There’s only one problem: Conrad’s never worked a day in his life! Where can he start?

Tracing his success back to the producer who gave him his very first chance - and finding him living on heroin in the back of a car on the Pacific Coast Highway - Conrad realizes that everyone in Hollywood has skeletons in their closet. By blackmailing and fleecing those people who once supported him for the things he needs, Conrad starts piecing together the elements that drive the financing of an independent feature film!

While Conrad’s resources have been all but eradicated, his ambitions are huge! Can this washed-up “has been” put the kind of pressure on Hollywood that it will get his movie made? Will Conrad claw his way back to the top of the Hollywood power structure, or will his determination and ruthlessness finally be the end of him?

Documenting Conrad’s entire development process, his loyal assistant and videographer - referred to by Conrad and his colleagues exclusively by the offensive monniker “SHORT BUS” - follows Conrad through his steeling and upsetting journey. Supporting Conrad’s film with impossibly long hours of work, with his selfless and silent service as a videographer, and with every ounce of resourcefulness and creativity he can muster, Short Bus seeks only to prove his value to the production and to the powers that be. In the end, all Short Bus wants is to make something great:

The Great American Motion Picture.

Making the GAMP is an extremely dark comedy about the moral compromises we make to powerful people, about the abuses we allow others to suffer in the name of proving ourselves to the industry, and about the systems we have put in place to serve the financial and creative success of Hollywood.

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This is web content developed by myself and one of my actors, on which the screenplay is based.
Submitted: July 18, 2018
Last Updated: February 11, 2019

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The Writer: Tennyson Stead

My name is Tennyson E. Stead, and I'm an award-winning writer and director who has written 21 screenplays in total, sold three, and optioned another. In addition to 20 years of production experience on stage and screen, I carry a decade of experience as an independent film development and finance executive. Today, my primary labors revolve around writing, directing, and developing cinema and online content with a repertory film company called 8 Sided Films with people and for an audience in whom I am deeply and personally invested. Go to bio

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