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Malik & Hollis



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Malik attempts to rescue his friend, Hollis, from their high school's female student body who have seceded from school following provocation by Hollis. In their absence, the school is turned on its head.

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The Writer: Davante Sanders

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Davante discovered a love for making things his own early on - personalizing characters in video games, building flying lego thingamabobs, and writing in particular. An enthusiasm for story spurred aspirations of writing a book someday, but making a career out of it never had the appeal. See, while he liked books, it had always been the screen that he’d unconsciously lose hour after hour to. His calling was staring him in the face all along, but it wasn’t until a late teacher first uttered the words screenwriting to him late in high school that he even began to consider a future in film and television. Even then, it wasn’t until he was already... Go to bio

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