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A series of terrifying events happen to a family when an unfaithful husband buys a haunted pendant necklace from an overseas street vendor and returns home to the states.



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Complete Logline: A series of terrifying events happen to a family when an unfaithful husband buys a haunted pendant necklace from an overseas street vendor and returns home to the states—to save the family, his mistreated wife must confront an evil presence while struggling with her agoraphobic disorder.

Synopsis: It's late at night in Pattaya, Thailand, and suddenly a yacht explodes. Then, a Street Vendor finds a pendant necklace in the rubble of the explosion. At a hotel, CHRISTOPHER WARD (35), an active duty Navy service member, is having sex with a Thai prostitute.

The next morning, Christopher purchases the pendant from the Street Vendor as a gift for his wife, before trying to board a bus with other Service members. A Chief Petty Officer stops him, revealing that Christopher is being sent home as punishment for the prostitute.

In Oceanside, California, Christopher greets his wife, NICOLE (35), and gifts her the pendant necklace. The couple fights about Christopher “getting out” of the Navy, which leads him to flush her anxiety meds and drag her outside where Nicole has a panic attack. Their teenage children, TRINITY (16) and AIDEN (13), witness their dad’s egregious behavior and come to their mother’s aid.

In the evening, Nicole Skypes with Dr. MARGARET OLIVIA (early 50s) about her agoraphobic disorder. Later that night, lights flicker, electronics are mysteriously unplugged, and Trinity’s bedroom door suspiciously moves on its own. The night culminates with smoke alarms going off and a DARK APPARITION watches Nicole sleep.

The next morning, Nicole asks Trinity to pick up her meds at a pharmacy before Christopher enters the room, making everyone uncomfortable by his demeanor.

Later that day, Aiden sees a shadowy figure in his room, but his father dismisses it. The next-door neighbor, BYRON BELL (late 30s), comes over and chats with Nicole about having a tree cut down and to be careful around the wood chipper in the driveway.

Soon after, Christopher tries to post a pendent photo on Craigslist to sell it, but his laptop loses power. He leaves the house and becomes distracted by a “demonic voice” that causes his ears to bleed. Through the trauma, he backs into the wood chipper which kills him violently.

Nicole is unaware of her husband’s death. Later that night, things begin to escalate in the house that become terrifying and deadly, and for Nicole to save her family—she must overcome the evil presence and conquer her agoraphobic disorder.

**DON’T BREATHE meets PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. A small cast with limited locations. Can be shot on a limited budget. Please contact me for the pitch deck and/or script. Thank you.** Mark

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**The script received a CONSIDER rating through Screencraft consulting services.**

Submitted: March 13, 2023
Last Updated: March 14, 2023

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The Writer: Mark D. Clark

I have a passion for screenwriting and storytelling. I like to write stories about real-life situations with a twist of suspense and horror. It usually takes me about four to six months to finish a script. I spend a lot of time reading and researching the topic that I’m going to write about. I like using “The Screenwriter’s Bible” and “Save the Cat” as tools of the trade. When writing scripts, I pin down the title and logline before developing the core story. I like using the magnificent seven plot points for story structure. I use two large dry erase boards to record the plot points and other salient ideas as I’m building the story. My script, IT HAPPENED ALONG THE ROAD, a feature thriller... Go to bio

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