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Maurizio And Marina

A young man on the run from his past must fight for his life when he falls in love with the fiancé of a mobster.



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Set in Italy, 1939. A young boy named Maurizio returns home from playing with friends to find his home ablaze. His father runs inside to save his screaming mother, Maurizio watches helplessly as the fire takes both of his parents’ lives. Alone and without a family, Maurizio is taken in by his estranged Uncle Carlo; a baker by trade.
Maurizio is taught his uncle’s business and a bond forms between them. Just as things seem to be settling down in his life, a long-running feud between Carlo and a local hoodlum named Don Scalleta results in Carlo being fatally wounded. On Carlo’s death bed he asks his friend Don Teruzzi to take in his nephew. He agrees.
Maurizio is raised as an assassin in Don Teruzzi’s crime family. Don Teruzzi’s and Maurizio’s relationship blossoms, much to the dismay of his biological son Enzo. When Don Teruzzi passes Enzo takes over the family. He sets a trap for Maurizio, but it fails. Maurizio kills Enzo and flees into exile to a small town called Corsetti.
In Corsetti, he buys a fire-damaged house and begins to repair it. He then meets the woman that will change his life, Marina. The only problem is that she is engaged to a notoriously evil hoodlum, Beppe. Maurizio pursues Marina secretly. Their relationship blossoms.
However, back in his hometown Enzo lives. He did not die of his injuries.
Beppe gets wind of this relationship and threatens to cut Marina and her family off from his wealth and their family business. He also threatens Maurizio’s life. Plagued by dreams of his previous violent life, Maurizio concedes to Beppe’s threats.
Enzo’s criminal network allows him to discover Maurizio’s whereabouts, he travels to Corsetti and arrives just in time for his friend, Enzo’s wedding. At the wedding, Maurizio stops Marina from marrying Beppe. Maurizio runs away with Marina and marries her. Beppe and Enzo join forces and burn down the house Marina and Maurizio are in, but they both survive. Marina is kidnapped. Maurizio takes out everyone in his way to get to her. In a final face-off on the beach, Maurizio kills Beppe, rescuing Marina. The bliss is short-lived, Maurizio is shot in the back by Beppe’s bodyguard, he dies in Marina’s arms.

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Submitted: December 11, 2021
Last Updated: December 21, 2021

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The Writer: Mark Hemmings

A London based scriptwriter who travels to US regularly. I'm a quarterfinalist in the Script Lab - TSL Free Screenplay Contest 2022 My scripts have received good coverage and multiple “Consider” ratings from professional coverage agencies. I’m a self-taught screenwriter who has decided to pursue a career in screenwriting. I’m versatile and can write multiple genres as you can see from some of my advertised projects. I’m very professional in my delivery and work ethic and I aim to please. I’m happy to write to order or to a spec. I’ve written features and 1-hour pilots intended for series. Go to bio

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