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"Not PC. Neurotic and brimming with contradictions. Zuri Walters is the quintessential comedic Millennial anti-hero."



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About "melancholy.":

This six part episodic series follows Zuri Walters, our main character and protagonist, as she tries to make strides towards redemption while juggling severe anxiety, motherhood, and a new relationship, just to name a few.

Zuri is navigating life as best she can. She’s holding down a job, taking care of her adorable son, Zephyr, and honing her talent for stand up comedy. This woman buys organic, is a devoted mother, and on the surface life couldn’t be sweeter. If it weren’t for her being flanked on all sides by mental illness, a pack a day habit, and a drug addicted baby daddy, that is. Zuri tries her best to stay on the straight and narrow with the help of her eccentric Aunt Sheila, best friend Ralphie, and her much older boyfriend Anthony, who is the only stable force in her life.

Whenever she remembers to take her psyche meds, and as long as she can avoid Enzo, Zephyr’s father and overall negative force/antagonist, she does just fine. But of course things aren’t that simple. This comedy series follows Zuri through a roller coaster of failures and near misses, celebrations, disappointments, and many, MANY awkward situations. Little Zephyr provides plenty of comic relief, as does Ralphie, a pot dealing hipster who doles out much more than emotional support *wink*. Anthony serves as her protector, while Aunt Sheila, her confidant and motivator, brings the energy.

I have included part 1/the pilot for the series. Interested in feedback from other writers, as well as those interested in production/development/finance.

Submitted: November 10, 2018
Last Updated: November 12, 2018

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The Writer: Jasmine Fenner

Hello! Up and coming talent in the entertainment industry. I am an actor and screenwriter, with aspirations to share my work with the world and touch people on an emotional level with my art and talent. I am a college graduate of a four-year university, and I have also completed a year of graduate school. I have many years of experience in the workforce, but after a series of life-changing events, I decided that the mundane world was not for me. I have reconnected with my creative capabilities, and now I am currently pursuing my dream of being a full-time artist. I will continue to work hard until my aspirations are realized. Curious and adventurous by nature. Relaxed, easy going... Go to bio
Agency: Fruition Talent and Media, LLC
Agent: Valerie Hanna