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When the leaders of a faux-festive Christmas town trap her friends in a holiday romcom hellscape, people-pleaser Dany Trevant must work with a smitten townie to hunt them down.



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Cozy holiday romcoms are harmless escapist fun, albeit with not-so-feminist undertones. That is, until you find yourself trapped in one.

Dany Trevant is the classic insecure, chubby sidekick to her fabulous best friends Tess Greene and Jade Lee. Still grieving her dad's recent death, Dany wants to just skip Christmas this year. But her friends convince her to tag along on their weekend visit to the Epcot-like Christmas town, Merryville, where their favorite guilty pleasure holiday movies are filmed.

When they arrive, Merryville seems more Melania Trump than Norman Rockwell, at least in Dany’s eyes. Despite the snowy, knickknack-laden charm, free-flowing hot cocoa, and copious winter weddings, she can’t shake the feeling that something sinister lurks underneath. When Jade (an anti-monogamist) and Tess (a lesbian) start acting like empty-headed stars of cliché holiday romcoms, Dany’s worst fears are realized.

Thrust into a nightmare, Dany must work with a smitten Merryville employee to uncover the town’s dark secret. When she unravels the sinister Truman Show-like plot, the town’s murderous underworld attacks, forcing Dany into a fight for her life. Can she stay alive long enough to figure out how to break the town’s hold on her friends before they become trapped in a holiday romcoms hellscape, forever?

Merryville is every Hallmark Christmas movie meets Cabin in the Woods.

At heart, Merryville is about our cultural obsession with taming unruly women. It also takes aim at the "perfect Christmas" tropes in holiday romcoms.

In the quaint Christmas haven of Merryville, Christmas is coming…for you.

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Recommended by Script Pipeline and No BullScript Consulting

Submitted: June 24, 2022
Last Updated: September 20, 2022

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The Writer: Laura Skopec

Laura Skopec is a writer, comedian, and recovering policy wonk. Her half-hour pilot, Clown Town, is in development with Fluffy Cat Productions, and she has published humor pieces in outlets like McSweeney's Internet Tendency and Slackjaw Humor. Laura writes genre-bending comedies about restless women reinventing themselves. She lives in Orange County with a lively 1st grader, a very patient husband, and a beautiful cat who hates her guts. Go to bio

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