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When her best friends drag her to a quaint little Christmas town for the weekend, the Grinchy sidekick must uncover the town’s deadly secret before her friends become trapped in a cheesy holiday romcom, forever.



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Merryville is every Hallmark Christmas movie meets "Get Out."

Dany is the classic insecure, chubby sidekick to her fabulous best friends Tess and Jade. Still grieving her dad's recent death, Dany wants to just skip Christmas this year, but her friends convince her to tag along on their visit to the Epcot-like Christmas town, Merryville.

When Jade and Tess, a lesbian and anti-monogamist, respectively, start acting like cheesy holiday romcom heroines, Dany gets suspicious. With the help of a smitten Merryville employee, Dany must uncover the town’s dark secret and fight her way through its murderous underworld to free her friends from becoming trapped in cliché holiday romcoms, forever.

At heart, "Merryville" is the story of a woman finding her confidence and saving her found family along the way. It’s also a clever and suspenseful send-up of cozy holiday romcom tropes.

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Submitted: June 24, 2022
Last Updated: June 24, 2022

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The Writer: Laura Skopec

Laura Skopec is a writer and comedian living in Sunset Beach, California. Her half-hour television pilot, “Clown Town,” is under development with Fluffy Cat Productions. Laura excels at workplace comedy because she has held many, many jobs. Most recently, she took several spins around the government-to-lobbying-to-think tank carousel in Washington, DC. Laura blended her experience as a working mom, researcher, and former lab assistant into her latest half-hour pilot, "Ivory Tower." Go to bio

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