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“An ex-stripper pimps out her husband to Hollywood elites in hopes of escaping her deadly past that’s come back for revenge.”



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Athi Fisher worked as a stripper alongside her aspiring actor and current bouncer husband Bubba Fisher for a vicious and powerful drug dealer, Joshua Gonzalez, in Atlanta. Athi reached a point where she could no longer tolerate the physical and emotional abuse from her boss and decided to become an FBI informant and turn him into the Feds.
Before the FBI arrested him, Joshua figured out it was Athi that betrayed him and he vowed he would come back and kill her. Feeling afraid for her and Bubba and wanting a chance to start clean so Bubba could pursue his acting dreams, they entered Witness Protection and changed their names to “Yadira and Chick Conway.”

For years they both did several odd jobs for money because Chick couldn’t get past the Hollywood “gatekeepers”. All the while Yadira has not only been terrified that Joshua would find a way to get to her but she has also been dealing with extreme PTSD from her traumatic abuse at the hands of Joshua. These feelings are increased when Joshua is unexpectedly released from Federal prison early.

Panicked and afraid for her and Chick’s life and frustrated with Chick’s lack of success in Hollywood, Yadira comes up with the only plan that makes sense to get them enough money to flee their problems. She pimps out Chick to Hollywood elites to advance his career. Her plan seems to work for a bit as Chick’s star begins to rise...until Joshua finally catches up with her and is ready to enact his revenge...

Submitted: November 25, 2020
Last Updated: March 6, 2021

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The Writer: Simba Dibinga

SIMBA DIBINGA is a writer, actor, stuntman and film maker originally from The Democratic Republic of Congo and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. His experiences in the film industry range from a countless amount of commercials but also to appearances on television shows such as “LAW & ORDER”,“LAW & ORDER SVU”,”LAW & ORDER CI”,“ONE LIFE TO LIVE”, “UGLY BETTY”,“THE HATFIELD’S AND THE MCKOY’S” and “CASTLE ROCK”. He has also appeared in several films such as “SURROGATES”, “R.I.P.D.”,CONFUSED BY LOVE” and “THE TOWN”, to name a few. He has now started his own production company, 'House on Howland St. Films", for which he has written 20 feature screenplays from a variety of genres... Go to bio

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