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Mier "The Ant"

An over zealous ex-city cop pursues a fugitive hiding out in a small border town called Mier.



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We OPEN on the vanishing of Autshumato "OuPa" a 60-year-old Herero chief and the resulting fallout in the resettlement camp at the camp in a town called mier. The Chief's only living descendent Krotoa will stop at nothing to find him; shortly after the arrival of Sarah she meets James and sits in an all male intelligence briefing; Connie, a missionary from Germany, is working the case of locals suffering from various diseases caused by the tainted drinking water in the area; we realize everyone at the resettlement camp is a loner that has abandoned their family to complete their life mission. Sarah is reluctant to get involved with the politics of the tribes there because she fails to identify with the coloured people at camp even though she herself is coloured. By the end of the act she sets off with her party into the desert but the fugitive's trail turns cold.

Our group: a CCU detective Salim, Former rancher BJ Mulder and his shadow Marthinus together with James and Sarah venture out into the Kalahari desert Lead by Herero trackers. Sarah learns persistence hunting from the Khomani and develops an unlikely bond with the friendly hunters; Krotoa and the Herero's desperate attempt to uncover the mystery of Oupa's disappearance leaves Sarah in the dark, only to find his efforts obscured at every turn by a shadowy Private military firm. By the mid-point our desperate characters will all arrive at the same conclusion, Someone in the group is working against them and Several periphery characters will come to the forefront. Their location is being tracked by a group of PMC's. this propels us into the final act. Ending in an aftermath of an explosive "Kalahari Standoff" a shoot-out sequence that will leave Sarah the sole survivor.

Sarah uncovers the truth behind the "Petrogate scandal" and links it to the missing chief after she tracks the fugitive's whereabouts to an illegal fracturing plant in the desert and finds enough damning evidence to expose the scandal and the fugitive once and for all! Everything comes to a head when she has to make a two day HIKE though the punishing desert at The climax! With the fugitive as her prisoner they hike during freezing nights and blazing days using the hunting techniques she picked up from the Khomani until eventually She returns to Mier and civilization fundamentally a changed person.

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Submitted: October 22, 2020
Last Updated: November 23, 2021

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The Writer: Oliver North

Personally I think its good to explore topics that have relevance to the lives of South African audiences, but the trick is to do it subtly through plot and character, not to mistake “issue” for storytelling. Story is king! My first short film “Ms. Me” funded by the National Film and Video Foundation and Co-produced by little LA Productions CC and Moving Billboard Picture Company, completed development in 2018 and wrapped production in the same year. My second short film “Mier - The Ant” also funded by the National Film and Video Foundation and co-produced by little LA Productions CC, completed development in 2020. Once I had the script, I constructed a business plan around it. Among other... Go to bio
Agency: Looking
Agent: Looking

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