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Mindy’s Meltdown

A resentful bridesmaid tries to buck up for her friend’s wedding but ultimately decides to unleash her fury.



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Mindy doesn’t just not want to be a bridesmaid. She’s furious that her friend, Lynette, is marrying her former boyfriend, Alexander. THE LOVE OF HER LIFE. Mindy’s life has gone off the rails — if she ever even SAW the rails — and she isn’t about to let Lynette steal her one chance at happiness away. So while she and three other bridesmaids prep in the backroom for Lynette’s wedding—every moment seeming like a dig at her failures in life—Mindy works up the courage to tell Lynette exactly what she thinks of her. And when she does, she doesn’t get quite the response she was looking for.

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• Semi-finalist in the Table Read My Screenplay Contest at Sundance

Submitted: September 5, 2018
Last Updated: November 12, 2021

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The Writer: Harker Jones

I’ve worked in publishing as a writer, editor, and critic for 15 years. I was managing editor of “Out” magazine for seven years where I also copyedited two novels. I have written two novels and six screenplays. I hold a degree in written communication and literature from Eastern Michigan University, am currently a member of the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle, and am a card-carrying member of Mensa. Go to bio

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