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A genetic mutation used by the CIA must choose the fate of a fellow Dugway experiment as they join forces to find a cure.

Specialist Royce Nolan is a dedicated soldier - so much so that he signs up for a special program at Dugway Proving Grounds. This ‘TOP SECRET’ site (normally focused on biological and chemical weapons) has switched gears to the making of super soldiers using the most modern advanced technology.

Royce undergoes a small procedure that enhances all his abilities and now he has the strength of ten men, can jump 20 feet vertically and run up to 40 mph.

The maiden test was a military mission to take out a Taliban compound and that is where the story begins - dropping from 20,000 feet. The mission was sabotaged and DARPA needs to destroy the evidence since the creation of chemically enhanced soldiers in violation of article 39 of the Geneva Conventions.

There were originally four soldiers that had the same procedure but three were killed at the compound. Now Royce is alone and no longer trusts his own government as he’s being chased down by a MQ-9 Reaper.

DARPA decides to bring in the ‘big guns’ and that would be - Max Archer. Fifty years prior at Dugway, they were experimenting with gene-splicing and were successful in cross-breeding DNA of certain types of box jellyfish species. This gave Max indestructibility and he is also a shapeshifter.

Max’s orders are to eliminate Royce Nolan in Afghanistan as soon as possible. The government feared the possibility of side effects of these soldiers if they didn’t receive XE-2112 daily. Without it they will slowly lose their minds as they succumb to Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome, a neurological disorder brought on by a lack of thiamine. The other missing element is iron and this turns Royce into a modern day vampire as he kills ISIS and Taliban soldiers and drinks their blood.

Max and Royce square off in a battle but all it did was give them respect for one another. Max asks to be relieved of this mission since he doesn’t feel comfortable killing an innocent soldier. Max’s request is denied so he jumps ship on the operation and decides to help Royce instead. He feels some compassion for him since they are basically the same in the eyes of the world.

Max gets the help he needed from doctors he knew at Dugway. Max gets Royce plasma and B1 shots, which are a temporary fix, but this alerts DARPA that Max has gone to the other side and termed ‘gear adrift’ - meaning a person that’s potentially a deadly escape hazard. This is treason and now they have two of their test subjects to eliminate.

The two have to avoid getting killed as they journey to Pakistan to find one of the doctors that basically created Max. The doctor has retired and is a part time professor but he does have the cure. Prior to his retirement, the doctor worked at NASA creating synthetic blood that can withstand 15,000 psi and he modified the blood to carry 15,000 times the normal iron and B1 which cures Royce. There is no cure for Max.

Now the trick was to get out of the country since they had Taliban, ISIS, and soldiers from their own country had been sent to kill them.

They eventually get out of the country and find the doctor but what the doctor told Max is something from out of this world. Max finds out that there were two jellyfish DNA subjects made at Dugway but the other was more powerful and a danger to all mankind. He is being held in a sealed building at Dugway but this creature was carried by Max’s mother, Maxine Archer, making this creature his biological brother and this creature is the only thing on Earth that can kill Max.

Submitted: February 6, 2020
Last Updated: September 23, 2020

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The Writer: Mark Donnell

An Oregon based screenplay writer with 16 features. My SAG feature film 'Extremely Used Cars' was the festival opener for the 'Laugh Or Die' comedy fest in Chicago as well as up for best new writer at World Cinema London. My claim to fame in screenplay competitions would be 'The Filmmatic Screenplay Awards'. I was asked this year to be their poster boy with "who optioned the screenplay?" - "Who did I sign with?" Sadly - I never got a call from anyone. Maybe this year will bring my discovery. I have now spent the last year focusing on my craft. I have rewrote 6 of the 16 and now going after it in 2020 Festival/Screenplay competition circuit. Lets see how I fare... I have learned a lot thanks... Go to bio

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