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Mission Destroy

A African terrorist Organization called Bakunda who is hell bent on destroying the US bombs New York with a airborn virus that turns people into Zombies.



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SYNOPSIS:JAKUNDA BALOI aka JENGA early40s,leader of a African Terrorist Gang called BAKUNDA which is keen on destroying the west.Forty years ago a group of white American troops attacked a small village called WASAMBA located near the boarder of the fictional African country of Nambabwe and killed everyone and burnt down the village,only three kids survived one of those kids was Jenga.The three kids with no home to go to they were taken to a refugee camp where they grew up.At the age of sixteen Jenga joined the army he went through the ranks to become general. In 2001 a new law is created that states White Nambabweans are now allegeable to run for president. This didn't sit well with Jenga,he protested against this which lead to him being fired.From there he vowed to destroy the white man and his plan is starting by destroying America. He creates Bakunda which is made up of military soldiers and police officers.Bakunda starts with attacking homes of white Nambabweans to attacking white tourists and then the American embassy.The US sends a group of marines to take Bakunda out and they fail.So did I tell you that Nambabwe is in the top five of African countries that have sophisticated tech weapons.So Bakunda manages to hack and enter one of Nambabwe's army base and steals two T-Bombs a small one and a big one(so these are bombs which are still in the works they contain a airborne man-made virus which turns people into Zombies).Bakunda also manages to enter American soil with the two bombs.The plan is to bomb America with the two bombs but first Jenga wants money to help his fellow Africans who can't afford a meal.He releases a video specifically for the president stating that he wants five hundred billion dollars or he will nuke New York.The president takes this slightly and doesn't give it much attention.So Jenga to show that he means business he bombs New York with one of the T-Bombs.He raises the money to a trillion dollars and he wants the money in cash and the president has only 24hrs to deliver the money or Washington DC is the next target.The president cannot gather such money in a short time so a plan of Action code named MISSION DESTROY is deployed.They send ten trucks filled with fake money and the trucks are driven by top navy seals whose mission is to take out the BAKUNDA and secure the second T-Bomb.
On the other hand so the virus as I said the bombs are still in the works so the virus didn't affect everyone some people are immune to it.One of those is or three of those are JOSH BROWN,SAM BROWN and TED JENKINS all are high school graduates.These three are best friends Sam is Josh's cousin Ted is Josh's neighbor. They're not the people to survive a zombie Apocalypse,they're total nerds who have never been or even witnessed a fist fight.When the bomb hits New York the three are locked down in Josh's room binge watching Star Wars ,so this is a goodbye party this is their last time together all three are going to different colleges.In the morning the three exit to find that Josh's mom is now a zombie and the whole damn apartment building.The three use their nerdy skills to stay alive.They come across a girl and her ex-military father who joins them.Now the five have to work together to fight the zombies and stay alive.They race to escape the Big Apple alive along the way they're waylaid, detoured, setback,splattered with zombie guts and most of all they will not have no fun at all.So with lots of hard work they will conquer all the obstacles that lay in front of them and manage to get out of New York alive.As for Bakunda all of them will be killed.To avoid the spread of the zombies the president will order New York to be nuked.

Submitted: January 3, 2021
Last Updated: January 3, 2021

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