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Mission Style

An inner-city minister is visited by an angel to help save his mission from foreclosure but to do so he must save a teenage lesbian from running away with her Muslim girlfriend.



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Ernie is a man of simple means. He likes his ripple as much as he likes to hang out with his bum friends in the back alleys of the inner-city. Ernie runs a mission that's in danger of foreclosure. One day Ernie's given the idea to enter a Bible trivia contest. Winner takes $10,000.

Everyone is welcome in the contest. The Catholics, the Muslims, and even the United Gay and Lesbian Youth and Melissa Etheridge National Fan Club.

Angel is a black angel sent by God to help Ernie out. But Angel has an assignment for Ernie to complete. In order for Ernie to succeed, he must convince an "at risk" teenage lesbian named Trish to not run away with her Muslim girlfriend. It's up to Ernie to convince Trish that God has a plan for her life.

Ernie soon realizes that in his attempts to turn Trish's life around, there are plenty of cracks in his own faith.

In a Bible trivia contest were you have laying on of hands, double facials, and talking in tongues, you can guarantee that the wonderful collision of religion and faith go hand in hand to produce a memorable alliance of unlikely characters.

Submitted: December 11, 2016
Last Updated: May 4, 2017

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The Writer: Shawn Davis

Shawn began writing in 2008 as a means to overcome a lifelong reading disorder. After several short scripts, he took on writing his first feature screenplay in 2009. Six years and several screenplays later, Shawn's highly acclaimed script Equal Retribution was reviewed and given one of the highest screenplay ratings ever handed out by Carson Reeves of Scriptshadow.com View full review here - http://scriptshadow.net/amateur-friday-what-doesnt-kill-you/ Equal Retribution has also been submitted to and placed highly in such prestigious contests as The Academy Nicholl Fellowship and The Page Awards . It was also chosen as a top script on Francis Ford Coppola's website, Zoetrope. Equal... Go to bio

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