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Mob Boss

The daughter of a notorious mafioso unintentionally sparks a bloody gang war across six mafia families when she flees her father’s house.



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New York City. After years of war, the heads of the Russian and Italian mobs, Mikhail and Joey, convene for a peace meeting in a public restaurant. While they make amends- BANG, the Irish gang opens fire on the restaurant in an attempt to whack Joey. He gets away unscathed, but Mikhail is hit and rushes off to Dr. James “Switzerland” Hoffman so named because he has no affiliations with any mob family. Unless a mob member crosses Hoffman personally, he has no beef and will assist any gang.
Allie Ballos, Joey’s daughter, clashes with her father yet again when he prevents her from going out with her friends for fear the Irish gang will murder her. She makes it clear she wants no part of the Mafia lifestyle, which makes this interaction only amplify her frustration and need to get away.
Against her father’s orders, Allie sneaks to school the next day but notices several Italian goons watching her from across the street. She tells her friend that she’s had it and wants to run away. The girls yell that the goons are perverts, which prompts the security guards to swarm their car, giving Allie the opening she needs to escape. When Joey texts Allie an ultimatum that grants her the night off on condition she’s home by morning, she grows even more frustrated by his dictator-like attitude over her life and goes to the one place where she knows she’ll be safe and under the radar… Hoffman.
Meanwhile, the head of the Irish gang, Davey, knows he hit The Russian and will have to answer for his attack. He works out a deal with an urban gang, The Bricks, for protection. As the tension between the gangs intensifies and Allie doesn't show the next morning Joey is falsely “informed” Davey kidnaped Allie. An all-out gang war ensues pitting the likes of six mafia families, all with their own allegiances and motives, against each other.

Submitted: November 14, 2021
Last Updated: November 14, 2021

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The Writer: Ariel Mayer

I am a self-taught writer and have been writing for over 6 years. I have written many scripts across a multitude of genres and I enjoy exploring different genres as each genre has something unique to offer. I worked as a creative consultant at Intrinsic Value Films from October 2019 to October of 2020 where I would read and analyze scripts that were in consideration for development. As of today, I am always working on a new script while also fine-tuning my older scripts. Go to bio

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