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Mortal Sin

The joint suicide of a devout Catholics parents sends the prodigal son on a quest for answers.



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Michael O’Cleary was raised in a staunch Catholic family by his alcoholic father Gabriel and his ever suffering mother

His estrangement in adulthood made him a lapsed Catholic though he never fully renounced his faith.

When he gets pulled back to his home town after receiving a call that his parents have committed suicide, his partner Emma
and son Peter get a glimpse into his upbringing.

Michael’s shock and denial surrounding the fact that he knows for a devout Catholic, suicide is a Mortal Sin of which there
is no redemption and entry into heaven will be refused, means he cannot accept or come to terms with what has happened.

Michael visits his childhood priest Father Raphael Marini to challenge the fact that his parents face a none religious
burial, this brings back the anger he felt as a child and heightens the burning feeling he has that his parents would
not have taken their own lives.

Visiting his mother in the Chapel of Rest and seeing the imprint of a crucifix on her hand sends Michael on a quest for
answers and in doing so forges a bond with his deceased father and childhood priest.

Nightmare visions accompanied by a drawing a child made who witnessed her own fathers suicide, gives Michael the evidence
he needs for Father Marini to assist him.

What follows is a dissection of the Catholic Church and religion itself.

With the findings of alterations made to a painting of The Last Supper, along with his father’s own investigative notes
and help from Father Marini, Michael learns Catholicism’s true stand point on the Devil and demons. He has to come to terms
with the fact that a demonic entity names Iscariot may be responsible for his parent’s death.

After betraying Christ Judus hung himself, his surname Iscariot comes from "Iskarioutha". A Greek-Aramaic hybrid for
suffocation. What was learned in the Dead Sea Scrolls was that when his soul was banished to Hell by God, as a corrupted
spirit he could be demonised by the Devil. For all eternity he was tasked with turning mans hearts black and cohering them
into suicide by constriction of the neck. He was given the name of Iscariot.

Michael must resist the pull of Iscariot as he tries to save the souls of his parents and ultimately that of his own and
his families.

Submitted: July 21, 2020
Last Updated: August 26, 2020

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The Writer: Dave Evans

Hi, I’m a lifelong film fan from the UK, especially the horror genre. Please check out my first two feature screenplays, a homage to the slasher flicks I love from the 70s and 80s called “Ravenhouse” and a religious horror titled “Mortal Sin”. I have also written a short based on my own experiences with OCD titled 'The Room'. I look forward to being inspired by other writers work and receiving feedback on my own. Cheers. Go to bio

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