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Watch as a young boy who was a orphan gets adopted to lead a normal life then turn into a serial killer and cult leader that gets inside peoples minds and makes them his sheep.

Dorian was a young boy who was found by the police in Munich,Germany standing over the bodies of his parents. He was sent to the United States where a Catholic Orphanage would find him a new family . Dorian was adopted by Dr. Larus Priest a world renowned Criminal Psychologist and his wife Selina Priest a heiress to a funeral home empire in Connecticut . Dorian would go on to live a normal life despite his troubled youth but would continue to have various nightmares about a Barn Owl . A young girl named Nicolette Lancaster would soon turn Dorian's life upside down when her boyfriend finds out Nicolette has slept with Dorian and has a gang of people Dorian and shoot him in the head. Dorian survived only to have vivid memories of his parents death, But his near death moment had left him changed and different once again. Dorian would soon find him and his sister adopted sister Iris at Harvard where he would face his demons once more. Nicolette's presence will push Dorian to commit murder and push him to the limit. Dorian would attempt to flee only to be captured by police officer Mariah Sloane at gunpoint in the dark forest. Little did she know Dorian's mind was slipping for moments after the murder of Nicolette Lancaster a barn owl appeared to blood soaked Dorian in the woods and told him he was the chosen one to become the Anti-Christ. After Dorian's capture he would be executed so the state would think only to later discover Iris paid off the guards and staff to fake Dorian's death and allow her brother to free to the south to become a psychologist. Years would soon pass as Mariah Sloane would move from a small town police department into a government agency only to become curious when a string of murders would become famous on the news. Iris goes south to find her brother and what she soon learns would twist everything more. She would learn her brother was manipulating his patients and brain washing them and manipulating politicians and police officers and various high ranking officials and convincing them to embrace their demons. The story only gets darker when Dorian leads the cult and has them remove the hearts of their female victims as a token of appreciation to him but when the style of the murders become more defined Mariah Sloane becomes obsessed to discover Dorian was indeed not dead after-all.

Submitted: September 21, 2019
Last Updated: September 22, 2019

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The Writer: Shane Lint

When I was a young boy , I remember feeling the ache in my fingers from the pencil pressed firmly between my fingers as I would write for hours. I wrote of a super-hero that lived in a clock tower who was half robot at the age of 9 and remember it was 45 pages front and back . I developed my love of writing as a form of mental therapy to cope with some of lifes trials. Today I write for this same reason and my writing varies from mixtures of various elements on one hand I have the story of Dorian who is a psychologist but secretly a cult leader and on the other I have a tale about the mighty Asbjorn Asvardson the viking were-grizzly who was once a king cursed by a witch. My stories are... Go to bio