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REVISION PENDING. Marie Jabez Del Rio, struggling with raising her brother alone, falls to a dark and twisted legacy which has been plaguing the her hometown and her loved ones, leaving behind death and mystery.

Constance is a small, country town with the appearance of a dove and the heart of a vulture. An unspoken legacy on which the town was founded leads a bloodline toward Marie Jabez Del Rio, an offbeat and humble girl, tasked with raising her younger brother from her strung out mother's passing. Suffering from a mild schizophrenia, Marie has managed to own her disorder, even coming into believing in the impossible in order to cope. Yet, nothing could prepare her for the mind games a malevolent presence will play.

Marie has been following her family tree, hoping to discover financial help from relatives. In doing so, she has uncovered a history of bizarre suicides by fathers throughout Constance's history. A history which will haunt Marie and kill those she's closest to.

When Marie's brother, David Del Rio, is killed by a crying woman in mist, Marie feels compelled to uncover this demon in order to prove her brother didn't commit suicide. Problem is, with Marie's psychiatric history, few believe her. That is, except Tom Cats, one of Marie's closest friends.

Days after David's death, the authorities connect the murder of Marie's friend, Javier, with David's, making Marie a suspect for both murders and the string of similar murders in the town's recent history. Marie is wanted and only Tom believes Marie enough to help, risking his life in the process to a possible malevolent spirit.

Marie feels she must face and expose this entity to clear her name and save the fathers of Constance. Problem is, time is short and Marie doesn't know how. Her cursed bloodline may overcome her before finding justice.

Submitted: October 25, 2018
Last Updated: June 17, 2019
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The Writer: J. Quinzelle

J. Quinzelle takes the familiar and breathes new life into it. Even if it drives them both a little mad. J. started his interests in writing very young, crafting short stories and poetry. Teachers would praise his writing, although J. never took it to heart. Later in adolescence, struggling with severe depression, J. lost interest in writing and lead a turbulent lifestyle for several years. It wasn't until his discovery of a love for film, in which J. seemed to take identity. J.'s first attempts at film were heavily acting based, focused primarily on theater acting. But J. loves film more than theater, and that reflected in his pursuit of film classes in college. There, J. wore every hat... Go to bio

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