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A young man and his friends survive an onslaught of farmers unleashed by a satanic government, only to be arrested, turned to plastic, and allowed to witness the dawn of animal-person-kind.

Eight old friends and their five young children, WALKER, HALLY, MELINA, LAURENCE, and JOEL, all sit together in the living room of BRAYDON and ANYA, parents of Walker. They watch the news and are stunned by the new law being put forward against the vegan lifestyle. The Prime Minister tells the Canadian people that Earth operates solely on sacrifices of the living, and now that the majority of people are vegan, it is projected that the number of animal sacrifices for the year will be much too low for any sort of appeasement. That is unless everyone returns to an omnivorous diet.

They are all unaware that the Prime Minister not only outlawed veganism, she also gave all factory farmers permission to go on mass human murdering sprees. Next door to them there is a family of six farmers who are systematically breaking into houses and killing the families inside, and they soon will be visiting Walker’s family home.

CLIVE and his wife, ROXY, convince their daughter Hally to leave town with them, and a friend of theirs, JAIMIE, goes too. They are stopped by the police at a screening checkpoint where they are questioned then forced to give a blood sample which the police then tests for meat consumption. The family tries to escape, and the cop then shoots almost all of them dead with a hi-tech gun that fires a hundred bullets a second with a built-in silencer.

The families back at the house sleep for the night. Melina wakes up and goes to the kitchen to get some water. A crazed farmer busts his arms through the window above the sink and puts Melina in a head-lock, brings her head out the window, then slits her throat with the broken glass while she struggles for her life. Her friends and family manage to get her back inside the house and they stitch Melina up and they save the hurt bud.

EARL, his wife MARIA, and their son Joel are next to feel the wrath of the farmers. Joel’s mother is strung up upside down from a tree, then has her throat slit and blood collected. Joel’s dad is overpowered and taken to an undisclosed location where he is tortured to submission. While Joel himself is skinned alive.

Jaimie and Hally managed to escape the police checkpoint by killing the cops and stealing their hi-tech gun. They arrive back at Braydon and Anya’s house the next morning. While their friends welcome them back, the farmers pump poisonous gas into the house from the chimney until the buds are forced to come outside. The farmers immediately surround the buds and bring them before their leader.

There with the lead farmer is Earl, who now appears to be the farmers' pet. He has been given a lobotomy and has electrodes on the sides of his head to shock him if he disobeys. The lead farmer orders Earl to shoot his buds, and he doesn't comply at first, so the farmer first gives Earl an intense electrical shock to the brain, then force-feeds him a bunch of pills, until Earl picks up the gun, aims it at his buds and waits for the order to shoot.
Walker is still in the house, in the attic, with his father’s gas mask bong on his head to protect him from the poison. He uses the hi-tech police gun to shoot off the lead farmer's head before he can command Earl to shoot, then Walker shoots a few more farmers until they run away.

The parents decide to go back to eating meat to save themselves and their children, and they force their kids to eat meat too. Jaimie tries to prevent this and she is shot dead by Braydon, then Hally tries to avenge Jaimie's death and she gets her leg shot off. The kids agree to eat the animal flesh. Walker pretends to choke so he can take his mother hostage and uses her as leverage so that he and his friends can escape to a hospital.

At the hospital the young friends are tested for meat consumption and pass the test. Their parents are freed from the trap the kids put them in by one of the crazed farmers. The parents receive a call from the hospital and they let them know their kids are fugitives. After their weapon is decommissioned, the four friends are detained by police.

The young buds adjust to the prison system being mixed in with actual dangerous criminals. Laurence is the smallest and he is harassed and attacked in the cafeteria. He is saved by his sister and friends. After the fight they are all taken to a reinforcement room where frightening, anti-animal imagery is implanted into their dreams. They exit the rooms one year later and Walker and Hally have to convince Melina and Laurence to return to veganism.

In time, Walker and Hally convinces almost all of the inmates to become vegan and for them to go on a hunger strike. They almost die, until the prison tricks them into thinking they will be providing a full vegan menu for their prisoners. The prisoners are given fruit, vegetables, and grains, and also protein bars that contain false labeling. The bars turn out to be made from their fellow inmates. The prison guards steal prisoners in the middle of the night and then dismembers them alive, steals their flesh to feed to the other inmates, and turns their bones to concrete for use outside of the prison. As they disassemble the inmates they reassemble them with tiny plastic tubes that connect to their heart and other major organs to continue pumping blood in their system, and an extra organ to recycle their blood. Their bodies are rebuilt with life-like plastic.

Centuries go by. The prison guards have abandoned their posts and the prisoners’s blood-recycling organs have been decommissioned, though Walker and his friends still live by having convinced the majority of their fellow inmates to sacrifice themselves by giving up their blood supply. A group of citizens who were once enemies to the vegans ask for their help in ending the Prime Minister’s evil reign. Hally, Melina, and Laurence agree to take part in their mission. Walker refuses, thinking it will mean their deaths. The citizens and prisoners reach the Prime Minister of Canada, who explains her plan to them: She and the rest of the world leaders have grown millions of genetically-mutated animal people who will soon replace all of humanity. The Prime Minister kills each and every one of the intruders easily, using her modified robotic-body.

A juvenile horse person named BOBART tells his parents he doesn't want to eat the flesh of other living beings anymore. His parents explain to him those beliefs are dangerous. Bobart becomes acquainted with Walker, who tells him about a live-zone, a land made entirely out of vegetation. Bobart goes searching for the place and finds it. He walks past much plant-life, until he reaches an apple tree. He plucks an apple and takes a bite from it.

Submitted: March 19, 2019
Last Updated: June 25, 2020

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The Writer: Hank Biro

I am a Canadian screenwriter born and raised in London, Ontario. I have had a love for film since childhood, which has driven my passion for writing. Some screenwriters who have inspired and influenced my work include: David Cronenberg, Stanley Kubrick, Quentin Tarantino, M. Night Shyamalan, Guillermo del Toro, David Lynch, Bong Joon-ho, and S. Craig Zahler. I have written many varieties of stories, with my focus over the past six years being on creating screenplays. Most of my screenplays include sociopolitical commentaries, and I feel all of my scripts contain striking visuals that would appeal to many audiences. Other samples of my writing can be found at: Go to bio

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