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A truth-seeking journalist searches for her missing daughter in a deadly forest where an ancient evil strives for ultimate power.

Aspiring journalist Grace Bly receives the promotion she’s been waiting for on the eve of vacation with her boyfriend and her newborn daughter, Cat. An elated Grace heads home, but her day goes from great to ungodly when she finds her boyfriend in bed with a raven-haired woman. A devastated Grace takes her daughter and leaves only to drive around aimlessly until a call from her estranged Aunt Ginny propels her to drive down an old road known as Mystery.

Grace stops for gas where a local reminds the young mother of the myths surrounding Mystery and the forest the road cuts through. The clerk also warns Grace about entering the forest, offering rules to follow in order to keep the forest from “taking her.” Grace is disturbed by the grim warning, but not deterred from reaching her aunt's home on the other end of Mystery Road. Moments after entering the forest, Grace breaks one of the rules, and though she laughs it off, soon she sees a horrible vision: one of the very myths she'd heard about -- a decrepit man who runs for eternity down the road. Believing she’s hallucinating from a lack of sleep, Grace pulls the car over for a power nap. Grace wakes up to find Cat missing.

Grace searches frantically while following the sound of her daughter's crying into the woods and to a dilapidated cabin. Before she knows it, Grace is attacked by what appears to be her boyfriend and is locked in the cabin. Grace is rescued by a teenage girl who orders the woman to run. Grace reaches the road to find an old friend and learns from him a horrifying truth: Grace has been missing for 16 years.

Now a woman out of time, Grace learns that the teenage girl who saved her was Cat who has spent her life training as a warrior. Grace’s Aunt Ginny is unwelcoming as it’s revealed that the forest is home to supernatural forces and Ginny is a “warden” in charge of keeping the evil within at bay. However, Ginny’s lack of knowledge about the forest’s history makes Grace want to uncover the truth. Soon Grace discovers that she has the power to read an ancient alien language and is at the center of three dangerous intersecting agendas:

Ginny seeks to make Cat the next warden and then meet her late husband in the afterlife, but Grace’s presence makes that more difficult.

A mischievous alien known as Grympe is seeking to get revenge on Ginny for a past betrayal and is using Grace as his pawn.

Miranda, the raven-haired woman, wants to use an alien doorway that’s buried at the center of the forest to reach the Gods she considers herself one of and only Grace can open it.

Grace struggles to forge a relationship with Cat while surviving every new danger that comes her way. Ginny gets her wish, but not before learning that there is no heaven for her and no husband waiting. Grympe gets his revenge, and more, but also learns that Grace allowed Miranda to reach his home world. Miranda uses Cat’s life to blackmail Grace into opening the doorway, but she arrives on the alien world to discover that she’s trapped on a desolate world as its only living soul.

Now that the dangers of the forest are truly at bay, Grace finally begins a life with Cat as a family.

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The Writer: Ruben Diaz

Ruben R. Diaz hails from the “magic” city of Miami, Florida. Born to Cuban immigrants, Ruben fell in love with storytelling, first through books, then through the films of Stanley Kubrick, Quentin Tarantino, and Danny Boyle. But it was in the most peculiar of high school classrooms — a health class — where an assignment to write a story inspired him to create a tale that would circulate throughout the school. It was then writing became a career choice. For the next 20 years, he served as a web content creator, copywriter, and pop-culture journalist, and blogger. Over the past several years he’s written several TV pilots, plays, graphic novels, and five award-winning short films,... Go to bio

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