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Neighborhood Dispute



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Superman + The Incredible Hulk, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Tex Avery's cartoons
A kids' feud degenerates as their fathers who are superheroes join the fight.

A sunny morning in an opulent suburb. Little KEVIN (7) sits on a bench playing on his console when little TYLER (8) moves closer, grabs the console and begins to bully him. Not understanding Tyler's mocking, Kevin threatens him to call his father who's Supertrump. Tyler teases him until he flees crying toward his father. As they come back to him, Tyler laughs when Kevin's father claims being Supertrump. Tyler's father Mr. Kim-Jong arrives and things get worse as he turns out to be the Incredible Uln.

At the same time on the moon, two Martian tourists with trumpet noses and glass helmets have fun exploring the Apollo-15 landing site ... until Kevin's console suddenly hit the helmet of one of them. They look at the Earth, surprised, as it begins to dance the waltz in the sky in step with The Blue Danube, gracefully spinning then swaying ... until swirls transform into twitches which slowly become convulsions while big blasts of earth escape from the surface. On the moon, the Martians look at the show, mesmerized. As the planet finally explodes on the finishing music, the two Martians whistle and applaud, jumping and laughing.

Neighborhood Dispute is a dark comedy, a metaphor about how much the people who govern us and who think they are superheroes are dangerous when their ego takes control of their superpowers.

That's also a tribute to Stanley Kubrick, Tex Avery and Pixar.

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The Writer: Jean-Marie MAZALEYRAT

Jean-Marie is a French producer/writer. He has been writing poetry and short stories since the age of 20, and screenplays in French and English for the past seven years. 
He reads and selects scripts for , the Maison Des Scénaristes (France) and international festivals (Cannes, Clermont-Ferrand). He translates screenplays and other materials from English to French for the Entertainment Industry. On demand, he also works as a story consultant and adapts novels for screen. He coproduces movies since 2015. Go to bio

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