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An ex-Marine turned journalist decides to cover a controversial prison where inmates are treated with neural implants, but after the implants are hacked he's thrust into a fight for survival.

New Alcatraz is a thriller and survival action story. A terrifying new prison riot film with a well-researched sci-fi twist. Think Jurassic Park with violent inmates, or something like Die Hard or Escape From New York mixed with The Descent.

Journalist Abraham Cano, a former Marine suffering from PTSD, travels to Santa Barbara Island to tour the controversial New Alcatraz State Prison. The once violent inmates are now passive after voluntarily undergoing the LES procedure, a new form of medical treatment where neuroprosthetics are surgically inserted in the brain to control violent impulses. The prison's warden, Madison Harris, leads Abe through the facility and introduces him to Damir Mahajan, the architect of the technology. Abe is so impressed by the prison and the inmates' behavior that he decides to stay the night to cover the story further. In the evening, however, something goes terribly wrong and the implants seem to function in reverse, rendering the inmates deranged killers. Abe must find a way to survive and uncover the truth as the inmates transform the prison into a sadistic nightmare.

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2017 Screencraft Horror Contest Semifinalist
2018 Bluecat Contest Semifinalist
2019 Scriptapalooza Contest Quarterfinalist

Received Consider (4.5/5) from the Launch Pad Studio Coverage service
"HACKED is a taut, effectively suspenseful and adrenaline-pumping prison mutiny thriller. It has a compelling sci-fi element with its use of mind-controlling microchip technology, as well. And with its hordes of psychotic prison inmates who’ve lost their minds thanks to their corrupted brain implants, the script also bears similarities to zombie horror thrillers like 28 DAYS LATER and DAWN OF THE DEAD."

Received "CONSIDER w/res" by Andrew Hilton, aka The Screenplay Mechanic -
"This script has some serious potential. It’s not a micro-budget movie by any stretch of the imagination but aside from a couple of components, it need not cost much more than the average prison thriller. Moreover, it’s fueled by a fun concept which results in a gripping, action-packed narrative that fans of this type of movie will relish."

Submitted: July 24, 2019
Last Updated: December 19, 2019
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Last Downloaded: December 19, 2019

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The Writer: Dylan Dockery

Former patty flipper, pecan farmer, drilling rig roughneck, and shipyard shipfitter. Current aircraft mechanic and aspiring full-time screenwriter. 28 years old. I live in Tehachapi, CA. Go to bio

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