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When two mute & deaf friends adore each other in front of outspoken break-up buddies, they change minds to give fair second chance to themselves.



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This short film 'NISHABBD' (Hindi/English) was written and produced into a movie within 48 hrs. timeline, for a student film contest, when I started my self-learning journey on filmmaking back in 2016 with a bunch of creative friends. Humble request to please ignore mistakes in Writing, Shots, Lighting, Dialogue delivery, Camera Angles, and much much more. I've never been to film-school.

This FILM is close to my heart, for the lessons learnt in the making of this movie, and in learning many aspects & faces of film-making thereafter. And NO, I've never re-written this one, intentionally, for the sole reason that - experiences are the best teacher in life.

Thank you for watching the film and reading the short script.
Hope you like it. Leave a message, if you wish to provide feedback.


Script Length
Pages: 6
Paras: 107
Words: 1309

The ratio of Action to Dialogue on the page is 44% Action / 56% Dialogue.
The Action/Dialogue Index is 0.8, indicating a script that is somewhat weighted in favor of Dialogue.

Nishabbd (short) (Hindi / English) made for DMT student film contest (2016)
Submitted: August 28, 2021
Last Updated: August 30, 2021

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The Writer: Harpreet Arora

Harpreet started his creative journey in 2016, writing short films. He's fascinated by how people at different locations come up with same concept and make something out of it. He's been affiliated with Screenwriters Association India - As a professional Actor, Harpreet made his appearances on Indian Cinema & Television. To name a few: Netflix web series - Taj-Mahal-1989 (Hindi, English), award winning short film - Lovvu Story (Kannada, English subs). Harpreet's sample work : IMDb: ISA: Coverfly: ScriptRevolution: https://www... Go to bio

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