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No Place Like Earth



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On the forgotten planet Earth, a team of extreme athletes must survive the life forms that rule it.

SAM COOK (30's) leads his team of extreme athletes; MAG, FRANCIS, and ANNIE (Sam's little sister), to the peak of an 18,000ft mountain. The team base jump off the mountaintop. Annie's equipment malfunctions. Their attempts to save her fail and Annie falls to her death.

At Annie's funeral, GIBBS shows his face and reveals that Annie before she died, discovered a hidden message from their father that Sam, and the rest of the group, need to hear.

The group watch a video message from Sam and Annie's father - a former Space Force commander who died, along with their mother, a few years ago in a suspected crash. Their father explains that he has lost hope in the planet's military and government and that over the 30 years serving he no longer trust them and so he presents the group with classified information - an opportunity to uncover enough gold to buy their planet three times over. The only catch is that it's on the planet Earth which was abandoned centuries ago through the elites doing a secret deal with the Akhumagna, an alien species, and leaving all those not considered worthy enough by the elites to die in a final war. Those that survived were hunted into extinction by, not only the Akhumagna but, the life forms they created.

With this news coming to light, Sam believes his mother and father were killed because of what his father knew and whilst studying the video message he's taken in by the knowledge that the Akhumagna have something he could use - their power.

Knowing all the risks involved the group take the opportunity and head to Earth with the intentions of getting rich. All except Sam who, unbeknown to the others, wants to make contact with the Akhumagna and make his own deal just like the elites did centuries ago.
The group are dropped off in New York City by YAWKINS and ISAAC. The City, like the rest of the planet, is a war zone decaying under the suffocation of vegetation. Their target is the Federal Reserve Bank where the gold is. On route, Sam saves Mag from a deathly fall and soon they cross the path of a Life Form - a being created to kill-off mankind. They run and find shelter.

During the night, Gibbs sneaks out to the Federal Reserve Bank with intentions of not coming back and leaving the others behind but his plan is undone when he discovers that Sam has followed him. And not only Sam but the Life Form they recently crossed. Sam and Gibbs work together to kill it.

The next morning the group return to collect the gold. Francis takes the moment to ask Sam what he really wants and he reveals to liberate their home planet from the elites. The only way to do this though is to find the Akhumagna and make a deal but it means risking their lives which Francis is far from keen on but cannot help but feel like maybe this is what she's been destined for ever since she was orphaned as a child.

Sam and Francis escape to the roof of the Federal Reserve after realizing that the Life Forms are coming back. Gibbs and Mag stay and get trapped. Gibbs scarifies Mag to save himself and to inflict revenge upon him for not saving Annie.

Trapped on the roof of the Federal Reserve, Sam finds them a way off the building. Sam fights with Gibbs, forcing him to dump the gold and jump. Sam hides on the roof where the Life Forms attack him, hurting him. Sam uses a flare gun to help is escape.

Gibbs and Francis are safe but she soon learns of Gibbs's darker side and his intentions on leaving them all behind because he blames them all for Annie's death. Francis is stranded and her only hope is to find Sam. Sam takes cover in a hospital. All is lost for him. Until he discovers a makeshift command post wherein he discovers files on the Akhumagna and a cache of their weapons which includes a tracker. Along with the command post, Sam comes across a bunker within the hospital finding preserved weapons and the remains of a family that committed suicide due to being trapped on Earth and left for dead, imprisoning themselves for over 2 years. This only drives Sam to find the Akhumagna and so he triggers the tracker which signals two Akhumagna in the area. And when Sam discovers that Gibbs is planning on leaving them all behind he sets out to stop it and the only way to do that is to get to the top of the highest building and signal for Yawkins and Isaac before Gibbs gets to them and that building is the One World Trade Centre.

Sam comes across an army Life Forms. They chase him into the One World Trade Centre where he finds Francis. On the roof, Sam sets off a flare getting Yawkins's attention.

The Life Forms attack. Sam pleads with Francis to jump and she makes the jump onto Yawkins's craft that is also under attack by the Life Forms. Sam stands his ground and fights the Life Forms. Becoming overpowered, Sam makes a run and jumps for Yawkins's craft, landing on the roof. With the craft overrun by the Life Forms, Francis jumps out and using her Wing-Box (an advanced skydiving piece of equipment) she flies off away from the carnage only to be found by one of the searching Akhumagna. With no other option, Sam jumps. Using his grappling gun he manages to break his fall and now with no ride off the planet, Gibbs and Sam must come together and survive.

Sam confronts Gibbs and Gibbs reveals all just as the Life Forms find them. Gibbs attempts to kill Sam to save himself but Sam counters and runs leaving Gibbs to face a deserving fate. Sam is caught by the second Akhumagna through the tracker and he is taken to a location where he finds Francis there. They learn that Francis, a direct descendent from the elites, is protected but Sam isn't. Francis pleads with the Akhumagna and they spare him. They want to know what Sam and Francis want and Sam reveals that he wants their help.

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The Writer: Mark Smerchynskij

Mark Smerchynskij is an ambitious and energetic writer who shares a love with all aspects of filmmaking. Starting with just a single book on script writing, Mark transformed his life and dedicated it to the pursuit of knowledge within the filmmaking world. He went on to study at the Met Film School wherein he produced, wrote, directed and edited his own short film, as well as collaborate on others. Since then Mark has continued his pursuit of success and understanding having worked on independent features and shorts as a producer and write, and who has recently written multiple comedy sketches for an independent producer based in England. Mark's passion for storytelling and writing is... Go to bio

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