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They planned the heist to end their financial woes, but that doesn't mean they are prepared to execute it.

Jewel and Silver, two outsider parents from a nowhere town, are in desperate need of money. Jewel's daughter is graduating high school with big dreams and Silver's home is being repossessed by the bank. Together, they form a plan to end their financial woes.

The duo set out to a bank in a neighboring town with the intention to rob it blind. But right from the beginning the plan shows its faults as those shown in the would-be thieves. Problem is, how will they pay their dues if the plan falls through?

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The Writer: J. Quinzelle

J. Quinzelle takes the familiar and breathes new life into it. Even if it drives them both a little mad.

J. started his interests in writing very young, crafting short stories and poetry. Teachers would praise his writing, although J. never took it to heart. Later in adolescence, struggling with severe depression, J. lost interest in writing and lead a turbulent lifestyle for several years. It wasn't until his discovery of a love for film, in which J. seemed to take identity.

J.'s first attempts at film were heavily acting based, focused primarily on theater acting. But J. loves film more than theater, and that reflected in his pursuit of film classes in college. There, J.... Go to bio

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