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An estranged family is forced to reconcile when a small fortune is unearthed.

Erma Golinski leads a simple but solitary life on her rural property in Western Sydney. A widower for the past 15 years, she spends her days gardening, smoking and avoiding her estranged and intensely dysfunctional family.

One day her step-daughter Kate arrives, unannounced, bringing some re-directed mail for her. Appearing to have something to do with her late husband’s estate, she decides to investigate for herself what it could mean. After being told by her accountant that her husband had tied up a sizeable chunk of cash for his children into a trust, she is then instructed that she must decide who of them is going to manage it. However, not only do all three of his children not speak to her, they don’t speak to each other either. Living a very charmed life off of their father’s more-than-comfortable career, they each blamed Erma for the fact that in his will there had been nothing left for them and immediately cut ties with her.
Erma decides to honour his wish however and get back in touch with each of them to determine who is deserving of managing this small fortune. She also however decides not to tell them about it to see their true selves as adults and if they are worthy of such a task.
Jack, the youngest, she finds out, is a middle aged, washed up cabaret performer that does drag just to pay his bills, Kate the middle child is in a completely loveless marriage that she remedies with a series of affairs throughout her work week and Charlie the eldest is a ruthless, corporate lawyer that appears lacks any kind of morals or compassion.

All three reject Erma’s advances and she arrives back at her property at a loss as to what to do.

One day however, Kate decides to investigate the reason her step-mother has suddenly tried to make contact again and in the process finds out precisely why. She immediately changes her approach and becomes overly accommodating of Erma.
Jack is next to find out and he also changes his tune but does not mention a thing to his siblings.

Each of them battles it out to win Erma’s adoration, trying their best to cover up their significant personal flaws in the meantime.

But when she finally discovers they are all in on the charade she takes drastic measures to team them a lesson about what matters most with family.

Submitted: January 17, 2020
Last Updated: January 17, 2020

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The Writer: Rohan Stephens

I consider myself simply a writer first and foremost. I look for stories to tell. Good stories. Interesting stories. Stories that capture moments and feelings in time, that replicate as best as possible our greatest loves, fears, joys and horrors. If that story is best told in a short, a feature, a novel or a poem, then so be it. It will make its own way there. I’m just here to see it come to life. My name is Rohan Stephens and I am a London based, Australian raised, semi-professional adult, full time homosexual, casual traveller and freelance citizen of the world. And I of course, write. My stories tend to be about characters typically associated with queer culture. Not necessarily gay,... Go to bio

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