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When a stripper is mistakenly given a suitcase nuke at an airport bar meant for a spy, all hell breaks loose.

Former porn star Cherry Nation is now an exotic dancer raking in the big bucks on the road. She’s saving up to leave the biz and start her own legit business. Cherry sits at a bar at LAX waiting for her flight to Vegas. She’s accosted by a man with a gun in her back. He handcuffs a briefcase to her wrist and instructs her to deliver to an address in the Hollywood Hills by dawn, or else her family will be killed. He disappears. Peeler Mardo, a cute young hipster, sits down and starts hitting on Cherry.

Homeland Security agent April Street races through the airport, on a mission. She flies down the corridors until she gets to the bar where Cherry’s at. As she starts questioning the patrons, the windows EXPLODE with gunfire. Masked invaders shoot up the place. Cherry and Peeler crawl to safety, while April fends off the invaders.

April follows Cherry and Peeler out of the airport. They’re both followed by Token Ware, black ops spy working for Palestinian arms dealer Avi Abbas. It seems that Avi ‘hired’ April, who, working undercover for Homeland Security, was supposed deliver the package to its destination, an Al Quada sleeper cell, but Avi’s messenger Token gave the package to the wrong girl, Cherry, and now he must right his wrong.

What happens next is a mad chase through Los Angeles into the Hollywood Hills. Cherry’s ex Shag Holliday, who we learn is really CIA, finds out what’s going on and races to help Cherry.

Overseeing everything is April’s boss, Sledge Crafton, the mastermind of the operation.
As things heat up, and the body count rises, Sledge decides that April has gone rogue, and sends a series of assassins to finish her off.

Cherry, accompanied by Peeler, decides to deliver the package herself to the terrorists because she’d really like the million bucks for herself. Even after she learns that the briefcase contains a suitcase nuke.

Tensions mount as spies chase spies, black ops chase black ops, and Cherry must outwit and outrun them all as she races to her final destination – the terrorist sleeper cell in the Hollywood Hills holding a family hostage.

There’s also the question of the relationship between Cherry and April, as they look an awful lot alike. Are they long-lost sisters? And who really is Sledge Crafton? Is he legit, or a black op? Could he be pulling all the strings?

NOWHERE GIRL is a fast-paced action thriller in the vein of DIE HARD. A mistaken identity mystery in the tradition of NORTH BY NORTHWEST. A furious, relentless spy thriller in the world of THE BOURNE IDENTITY. A balls-out thrill ride like WANTED. Super-charged femme fatales fight hunky men of steel in an action-packed story that’ll leave you wanting more.

Two women, on a mission. One that will change their lives forever.

Submitted: October 23, 2019
Last Updated: October 23, 2019

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The Writer: Carole Parker

Carole got her start in the entertainment industry acquiring content for several cable networks as a film buyer, eventually leaving her last job as head of programming for The Playboy Channel, and set her sights on being an independent film producer. She soon co-produced CAPPUCCINO, a micro-budget film noir written and directed by Craig Ross, Jr., which won the IFFM Gordon Parks award. It was working on this film that steered Carole back in the direction of her first love, writing. Over the next few years, while working in business affairs at Warner Brothers, Disney, MTV and New Line Cinema, Carole honed her craft while working on a couple dozen films. After being laid off at Jaffe/... Go to bio
Agency: The Library
Agent: Diane Wang

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