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Old Timer



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A down-and-out former boxing legend must return to the ring when he is called out by the young champion challenging his legacy.

Isaac, a former boxing legend, sits alone in his flat. He watches the television intently - a clip from a press conference. A flashy, young champion, Dan, gloats about his achievements. Who does the newcomer want to fight next? Isaac.

What unfolds is a deeply personal tale that explores the relationship between these two athletes. The film tackles issues of health, masculinity, sexuality and pride - all whilst playing within the generic conventions of the boxing movie.

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Directed by Jacob and Connaire Mulgrew.
Produced by Rob Maxwell and Nicole Pott (Sonder Pictures).

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The Writer: Jacob Mulgrew

Jacob Mulgrew is an emerging British writer-director of short films and is looking to expand into writing and directing for feature film. Jacob and his writing-directing partner/brother Connaire are working on making a name for themselves by writing films that have a unique perspective and a distinctive voice. Go to bio