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One in a Trillion - Feature Presentation

Two futuristic girls lose their hearing. One hiding from the government the other in the public eye but out of reach of the governments dangerous influence.



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In a world where disabilities are thought to be eliminated by technology. The reality is the government forces risky medical procedures that are far from successful on disabled persons. When medical procedures go wrong people disappear. Never to be seen again.

Far in the future.
A transport/cargo ship on the war to Pluto is attacked, thankfully KOMAL, JENNIFER, and Jennifers kids survive, however SARA one of the kids now Deaf. The only cure for Sara is on Earth but with a recent travel ban a trip to Earth is not possible. BECKY is introduced to the family. She helps the family come to terms with Sarah’s hearing loss. At the same time she teaches the family Deaf culture and how the current government is not telling the truth about reported cures for children like Sarah. Years pass as Sarah and her family overcome obstacles of Sarahs hearing. Becky offers to stow the family away on a ship where people like Sarah fleeing the evil government in power. The travel ban is lifted just before the ship leaves. The family decides to take Sarah to Earth for the treatment. While on earth Jennifer finds out that the treatment would take away everything Sarah has become. The government steps in and bars Jennifer access to her child. Jack(Sarah’s Father) arrives and with help from Komal kidnaps his daughter from the governments clutches before they can perform the risky procedure. Years later Sarah finds out about a girl LISA who is close to her age that has gone Deaf on an Arc traveling to another solar system. Lisa also cannot be cured due to not having access to Earth. When Lisa learns about ASL (American Sign Language) she finds out that the general public thinks it is a lost language. Lisa builds a robot that understands ASL to help Lisa communicate with others. With Lisa being crucial to the mission to the new world the government attempts to find others that can resurrect the language. Sarah wants Jennifer and herself to help the government. Jennifer stops her. She explains to her what happened on earth when she was little and about how they had to escape.

Elevator pitch.
Submitted: July 9, 2020
Last Updated: June 7, 2021

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The Writer: Marven Likness

Actor, Writer, Sign Language Advocate/Consultant After an incident that cost me most of my hearing in 2016 I have reactivated my creative side. Being a part time actor I channeled my thoughts into script form as a way to deal with my new reality. Although I am always working on a multitude of projects I keep coming back to a series I created called One in a Trillion. With it's first release to the public in 2020 it has been amazing to see and hear the feed back I get. FB fan page: Go to bio

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