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A terminally ill detective, convinced that the wrong man has been convicted of murder, commits suicide in the real killer's house and makes it look like murder.

The opening scene has a jury finding MANNY ESTRADA guilty of the murder of ELLA BROCK. SIMON BROCK is a brutal
crime boss who has recently married beautiful twenty-year-old Ella. He is madly in love with her. His lawyer and best friend,
handsome Manny Estrada, drives him to the airport and then leaves. Brock gets a phone call from his underling in the city
he is flying to, telling him that problems have arisen and he should not come. He tries calling Manny but gets no answer, so
he takes a taxi home. He sees Manny’s car in the driveway. He pays the taxi driver to ring the bell, and both Manny and Ella
come to the door in robes.

Brock plots revenge. He hires someone to murder two people—who they are makes no difference to him—in a very distinctive way.
They are duct taped to a chair and shot through the ear. A fragment of a Stephen Crane poem is left on their chests. Brock
makes sure he has an alibi for the times of the two murders and Estrada does not. Then Brock kills Ella in the same fashion. He
gives himself an alibi in a very clever way and again makes sure that Estrada does not have one. So Estrada is arrested, tried, and convicted.

Detective FRANK PALICA learns that he is terminally ill with only months to live. He and his crew find the real murderer of the first two victims, and Palica becomes convinced that Brock killed Ella. He alerts his colleagues that he is going to Brock’s house. Then he commits suicide in a way that makes it look like Brock killed him. The last scene has a jury finding Brock guilty of Palica’s murder.

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The Writer: Fred Leavitt

I received my Ph. D. degree in psychopharmacology from the University of Michigan and did postdoctoral work at UC Berkeley. I served on the faculty at California State University, East Bay, California for 43 years and also have taught for one or more semesters at Williams College; Northern Arizona University; the University of British Columbia; the University of Hawaii; the United States International University (in both Kenya and the United Kingdom); the University of Utrecht (Netherlands); Bogazici University (in Turkey); Massey University (in New Zealand); and National University of Singapore (Singapore). My goal in studying psychology was to try to make sense of the world and my place... Go to bio

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