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Oracle Sofia



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A Psychic streamer hosts her public weekly session, but her newest viewer is something she didn't see coming.

Sofia and her friend Ella are a tag-teaming psychic money trap relying on google and suggestion rather than real clairovoyance- One particular evening, her gift betrays her.

Edit: Good news, this short has entered production. I've received a pretty good amount of support for this one so I've decided I'd like to actually produce it. I am just wrapping up the storyboarding now, 8-1-19, and plan to move forward soon with the next steps.

Submitted: July 22, 2019
Last Updated: August 2, 2019

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The Writer: Andy Gutterman

It's me, Andy. I'm glad you've finally arrived. Welcome to my historical log of screenwriting progress; I'm still an amatuer writer so proceed at your own risk. Over and out. Go to bio

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