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Automated trucks have gone rogue and are running their human counterparts off the road! A boy must convince a legendary trucker to get back behind the wheel, solve his father’s murder, and save trucking forever.

Freddy Jackson never got to know his father, a famous trucker who died in a fiery wreck when Freddy was just a boy. When Freddy gets kicked out of computer school and finds out his Mama's got the cancer all in the same day, he knows he has to do something quick to pay her hospital bills. After finding a photograph hidden deep within his Father's old box of memories, Freddy heads out in search of a mysterious woman he is certain can help him unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding his Father's death.

Out in the barren Arizona Desert, Tyson Brigg owns 'Brigg's Rigs,' America's second largest shipping company, and is absolutely determined to remove the word 'second' from the sign, whatever it takes. Tyson's personal assistant, a tech wiz named Max, suggests the only way to cut costs is to install his automated driving software on every rig in the fleet. Max tells Tyson a few prototypes have been on the roads for years, learning and improving, and that if they don't deploy now they'll lose their edge.

In a smokey Biker Bar high in the Virginia mountains, Freddy comes across a loudmouth Biker who recently got into an altercation with a woman matching the description of the one in Freddy's photo. He warns Freddy to stay away from the woman, but after the bartender learns who Freddy's father was, he tells Freddy how to find the woman in the photo. Freddy makes his way up into the mountains alone, and after discovering a well hidden moonshine still, hears the unmistakeable click of a shotgun behind him.

The woman from the photograph steps out into the clearing, both barrels levelled on Freddy. It's Orphan Annie, the greatest trucker who ever lived. Seconds from being blown away Freddy tells Annie who he is, who his father was, and that he knows his father was murdered. Annie takes Freddy back to her cabin where he shows her security camera footage from the last truck stop his Father stopped at before he was killed. The footage shows a sleek, black, futuristic rig following Freddy's dad out of the parking lot. At first Annie is skeptical, telling him she hasn't driven in many years, but Freddy produces even more evidence, and begs Annie to help him prove who is responsible for all these mysterious deaths. It isn't until Freddy discovers Annie's memory box, containing a photo of his father, does Annie agree. The pair mount up in the cab of her old rig - The Pistol Packin' Mama - and head out to find the source of the killer trucks.

Little do they know, Tyson Brigg has fired all of his drivers and replaced them with Max's automated system. Fifty fully automated trucks are now on the road, but Max doesn't have as much control as he'd like Tyson to believe. The trucks have a mind of their own, and seem determined to destroy their flesh and blood competition. Annie and Freddy have a long, hard road ahead of them, and they're going to need some help from old friends and new if they hope to make it out alive.

An action packed comedy on eighteen wheels, Orphan Annie is a love letter to the road. It's as if Smokey and The Bandit met Mad Max in a honkey tonk and had an all out brawl. A cross country thrill ride exploding with epic chases, roadhouse shootouts and no shortage of laughs, Orphan Annie is sure to please.

Submitted: November 8, 2018
Last Updated: November 13, 2018
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The Writer: Connor McAulay

I grew up on Spielberg, Cameron and Lucas; Disney and James Bond, Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings. I was also an avid reader. From the earliest age I was enthralled by high stakes adventures set in far away and fantastical places. In my own work I seek to write and create content that both excites and engages audiences, chocked full of mystery and adventure. On another level I just want to make people laugh. I also grew up on Monty Python, Dave Chapelle, The Simpsons, Clone High, SNL, Kids in the Hall and Trailer Park Boys. The ability to make people laugh is an incredible gift. As I got older, I watched everything I could get my eyes on. From the biggest blockbusters of the summer to... Go to bio

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