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Outside Time



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The novel by Cathy Miller
Betrayal, murder, and life-threatening battles stand in the way of Kara accepting the love of the man destined for her.

After their parents die, twins Kara and Carl Freeland move in with their Aunt Jen who lives in their grandmother's old house in the Rockies. While looking for research material for a school paper, they discover an old book and a medallion in the recesses of their aunt's study. The objects become a catalyst that transports them back to King Arthur's time, 5th century Britain. Mistaken for elves, Kara and Carl find that their knowledge of Tae Kwon Do secures them a place among the Celtic warriors of Britain.

Then they meet Lord Artorius and Gwennuvar. Could they truly be the source of the King Arthur legends? If so, will this help Kara and Carl find their way back home? Provided they do, will Kara, who feels like she has finally found a place she really belongs, want to go?
After time-traveling 1,500 years to the past, Kara has been "home" for a year. She returned with her critically injured twin, Carl, but left behind Bedwyr, the young Celtic warrior who cared for her and wanted her for his wife.

Now that Carl has recovered, she longs to return to Bedwyr. But the journey occurs unexpectedly, and Carl goes after her.
Unbeknownst to Kara, Bedwyr is being pressured to marry a distant cousin. He is returning home after making his betrothal official when he comes across Carl. Bedwyr discovers that not only has the woman he loves returned, she has been captured by Saxons. Once she's rescued, Bedwyr and Kara renew their acquaintance. Now that they've once again found each other, will Bedwyr's betrothal separate them forever?

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Judy Norton is attached as the Director. Judy will take on the tole of Simon aka Jean. Judy is known for her role as Mary Ellen Walton on the TV series, The Walton's.

Submitted: November 24, 2017
Last Updated: January 24, 2018

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The Writer: Dan Guardino

Dan Guardino – Screenwriter/Producer Agent: Legacies…A Literary Agency, WGA Signatory Mary Ann Amato. Represented by Legacies...A Literary Agency, WGA Signatory Mary Ann Amato. Dan Guardino is never short of inspiration with twenty plus screenplays under his belt. Several of Dan's screenplays are in various stages of development for production with well-known directors and producers attached. Together these directors and producers have been involved in the making of over three hundred movie productions. Dan is the Script Consultant for the thriller movie HEART STOPPER. Producers: Americana Films and My Own Worst Enemy Productions. Producer Michael Z Gordon. Director Paul Flaherty. Dan co-... Go to bio
Agency: Legacies…A Literary Agency
Agent: MaryAnn Amato

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