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A young woman finds redemption when the man she's sent to destroy teaches her the meaning of friendship. But can her redemption save the world?

Devastated by his wife’s suicide Peter hides himself away in the house they had built together and begins to drink himself to death.

Sarah’s boyfriend Victor arranges that Sarah be sent in as a maid to ‘look’ after Peter and recognising each other as ‘damaged goods’ Peter and Sarah drift into a deep friendship.

Who is the mysterious woman that hangs around the house and seems to have access to every nook and cranny, and what of Victor and his ulterior motive? Exactly what is it that Victor wants from Peter?

With their friendship deepening Peter lets down his guard and talks to Sarah of his dead wife Dora. How she had a secret buried on the property and of his fear that the truth behind the secret would reveal Dora to have been insane. It is this ‘secret’ that Victor will kill to possess.

Victor pressures Sarah into discovering the location of the secret; Dora’s ghost coaxes Peter into a suicide attempt of his own. Saved from death by Sarah, Peter’s bond with her strengthens and she resists Victor’s demands and begins to plan a life away from his control.

Victor’s patience runs out and he forces a showdown, he reveals to Peter that Dora’s death was not a suicide but rather a botched kidnap attempt by Sarah and himself, and that Sarah was ultimately responsible for Dora’s death.

Peter falls to pieces at this revelation and takes Victor to Dora’s buried secret, the infamous ‘Pandora’s Box’. Peter grabs the box and tries to escape from Victor, during the escape attempt Sarah sacrifices her life to save Peter’s and thus earns her redemption.

The box is opened by the insane Victor and for a moment it appears that our world will be destroyed, but Sarah’s redemption earned us all a second chance. All of the evil that was originally released when Pandora opened the box is returned to the box.

Our world is given a second chance.

Submitted: May 28, 2018
Last Updated: May 28, 2018

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The Writer: Stephen Coates

With well over a decade of experience crafting intriguing and compelling stories, Stephen Coates is an accomplished screenwriter. His independent genre bending feature ‘John Doe: Vigilante’ was released theatrically in the USA and other select countries. He is a screenwriter of choice for producers looking to rewrite and take their projects to the next level and he is in strong demand as a story consultant by many directors, producers and other writers. With John Doe under his belt Stephen can add producing, post production, and finance expertise to his already impressive skill set. He also owns a fast growing transmedia and game development company Divisive Media. Go to bio

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