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The Titanomachy reborn in corporate America. One of the most powerful families in New York City will be brought to its knees. A tale of greed, betrayal and murder.



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Alexander Graeme, the former head of Olympia Corporation and the patriarch of the Graeme family, a well-respected and feared Manhattan family. Alexander was sentenced to 60 years in a federal prison after an unknown informant exposed his corporate crimes; from corporate extortion to price-fixing, to the District Attorney’s office. After serving only a decade of the sentence, Alexander is released on parole. He is bothered by this, not his freedom but the circumstances of it. He does not remember applying for parole nor does he believe he is even eligible for it. As he walks outside the confines of FCI Otisville, he is distraught to learn that only his former assistant, Steven Ebert, has shown up and not even a single member his family, especially his wife Helen.

Upon questioning Steven, he learns that his eldest child, Ewan Graeme, has replaced him as CEO of Olympia Corporation and that it was his wife that turned down the board’s decision to have informed him of the ousting; also, that she had been instrumental in the board’s decision to have Ewan instated as the CEO. This hurts Alexander deeply but he is somewhat not surprised, acknowledging that he is used to betrayal. From enemies and family/friends alike. During the course of his conversation with Steven, he learns that Helen had Steven fired for arguing against the decision to exclude him from the proceedings. This seems to allude towards Steven’s devotion to his former boss.

Alexander proceeds to ask Steven whose side he’s on, the question startling the latter. Again, as a show of devotion, Steven points out that he’d always be on Alexander’s side – although he doesn’t completely understand the question or the importance behind it. Alexander goes on to explain the circumstances of his freedom – which further baffles Steven. Steven suggests that maybe it was Helen who was behind Alexander’s parole application which only angers Alexander since Helen did not even bother to show up for his releasing. Alexander quickly apologizes and Steven suggests they leave. They head back to Manhattan, Alexander hell-bent on revenge and Steven struggling to make sense of the events of the day.

Upon arriving in Manhattan, Alexander asks for Steven to make reservations at The Michelangelo. This confuses Steven as he figured Alexander would want to head straight home to his family after a decade of not seeing them but Alexander tells him there’s a friend he needs to see, a friend who might provide answers on why he was set free, and that it was more important than moments with his family. Steven relents and makes a reservation for the penthouse.

Alexander pays his old friend, Robert Leaney – a retired federal judge – a visit, in the hopes that he’ll know something about his release. Unfortunately, Robert states he’s been retired for 3 years now, having retired 7 years after Alexander’s sentencing. A dead end. Alexander pleads with Robert to find him someone on the inside, someone he could use to get federal information and during their discussion; a large explosion goes off on Robert’s driveway. Upon further investigation, the two men discover that Alexander’s limousine has been blown to pieces – the driver burnt beyond recognition. A black SUV peels out of the driveway and disappears into the distance. Robert urges Alexander to leave. He states that the police shouldn’t find him on the scene since he just got paroled and that would most probably lead to him being re-incarcerated and consequently, robbing him of the chance to solve his mystery. Alexander relents and, using Robert’s car, escapes the scene before the police arrive.

As the couple sleeps, Steven’s phone starts ringing. It’s Alexander. Steven runs out the room to answer, leaving his wife startled. Alexander asks Steven to meet him at The Michelangelo immediately. Before he can protest, Alexander hangs up leaving Steven with no choice but to do as told. Maria inquires about the call and if her husband is coming back to bed but Steven tells her he was to go to ‘work’. She then asks if it involves Olympia Corporation and Steven agrees, leading her to ask if he cannot work someplace else other than Olympia to which Steven replies that it has to be Olympia.

Steven arrives at The Michelangelo and is sent up. There, Alexander lets him know about the assassination attempt on his life, which rattles Steven. Beneath the confusion, he is secretly happy that Alexander confides in him – him being a man of many friends, friends more powerful than Steven could ever hope to be. He believes that if he helps Alexander solve this mystery, it will secure him an executive position at Olympia when he (Alexander) is reinstated as CEO; his ambition only matched by his devotion to Alexander.

It is in his penthouse that Alexander decides to play the game he finds himself in. He decides to play the fool long enough to solve the mystery and Steven is more than happy to help, knowing very well how dangerous the mission ahead could become. Both men cannot anticipate what lies ahead as what they’ll discover will bring both their worlds crushing down on them.

Submitted: December 29, 2017
Last Updated: February 17, 2020

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