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Peek-A-Boo book of short stories by David Smith
A collection of ghost, horror and comedy shorts that will make you laugh, cry, and wonder what's there in the dark with you at night

This is a (Peek-A-Boo branded) TV series of scripts (6 x 1 hour) that is made up of ghost / horror / comedy horror short stories. These vary in length from 5 minutes up to features. The stories range from low budget single set monologues to multi site / multi actor stories requiring CGI and a fair budget. The stories vary and include creepy, funny, spine chilling, sad and just plain bizarre. The idea is the viewer doesn't know what's coming next, a frightener or a tear jerker, a comedy or a mind stretcher.

The beauty of the concept is that any writer can be used to showcase their scripts or well established writers in the genre can be used, making the access to material virtually limitless. Also, there could be branded specials, e.g. Halowe'en, Christmas ghost episodes etc.

Story synopses;

The Tattoos - a yob decides to have a tattoo but on completion refuses to pay. The tattooist gets his revenge

Taking Without Consent - after a freak accident a group of well brought up teenage girls in a Madrigals group are possessed by the spirits of hard drinking aliens. Life becomes hard for them so they all decide to commit suicide by throwing themselves off a bridge, but the aliens have a surprise up their sleeves

The Illustrator - a priest tells of how an illustrator took inspiration for his drawings from the nasty things he did to a family held captive in his cellar.

The Dare - three brothers live next to a creepy derelict hotel. One night one dare his brother to go inside. Inside something spooks them. They run and cause the building to collapse. We find out what spooked them.

Drink Und Ein Bite - a teenager stays with his uncle one Christmas and has to help fit windows. The house has all the warning signs of being inhabited by a vampire. When the job is done the owner invites the boy and his uncle in for 'a drink and a bite.' The uncle accepts, the boy declines. As he walks hoe he plans what to do with his inheritance.

Hitting on Her - a woman sits talking about her life and her family. She sits in a room in a corner. In the middle of the room a team of surgeons fights for her life. She has an abusive husband and must decide whether to let go or return to life, for the sake of the kids.

Popping Out for a Chinese - a junior member of the royal family is a vampire. He has accidentally dined out on the President of China's beautiful daughter. There is hell to pay, so the establishment hide him in the London sewer system till it all blows over. With only one manservant to take care of his needs he bemoans his bad luck as rats gather to bring about natural justice.

Submitted: May 3, 2017
Last Updated: May 3, 2017

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The Writer: David Smith

I'm a pro writer that switched from writing novels to screenplays last year. I've written ten novels and since switching I've written a feature movie script, s set of TV thriller pilots based on my books, a near future sci-fi thriller series, two sitcom series and a sitcom pilot, and developed a TV concept called Peek-A-Boo. This is a sketch based TV programme using an eclectic mix of ghost & horror short stories. My 9Novels only) website is Go to bio

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