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Two self-involved, self-centered millenials battle a suicide attempt, an extremely unwanted pregnancy and disastrous sexual escapes in order to discover what it is be a "real adult" - whatever that means.

Sammy and Dan are in their early 20's, and bad a it.

Sammy - just fired from her first real job, dumped by her first real boyfriend, and homeless - moves in with her ex-best friend Dan after they reconnect. Dan, gay and bad at it, is recovering from mental illness and being discarded by the only person who actually liked him. The pair, together, intoxicate each other's lives and realise just how far they haven't come in terms of being grown ups.

First re-write of a rought draft. This is free for use, with my permission and credit.

Feel free to send me any kind of feedback.

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Blacklist - pro reviewed

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The Writer: Ben Clifford

I'm an Australian screenwriter interested in writing drama and comedy. I am greatly inspired by the works of Peter Weir, Harmony Korine, the Marx Brothers, Todd Solondz, Andrea Arnold, and Cate Shortland.

My shorts are all free to use with my permission. Please feel free to contact me and let me know if you have any questions, comments, requests, or feedback.

Thanks for visiting my bio.... Go to bio

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