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A black widow detective story set in the high-stakes world of yachting and billionaire playboys.



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Jim Blair is entranced by the beauty sitting across from him at a Costa Rican beach bar. She seems oblivious to their age difference as she hangs on his every word. Serafina Fabrizio masterfully pulls him in. Jim asks her to spend the weekend on his yacht. They disappear.

Private investigator, Dan Cummings, is hired to find Blair. Dan is a salty, Colombo-type PI who never gives up. He will find Blair, even at the risk of his own life.

As he begins his investigation, Dan consults a local bodyguard to the rich and famous. Part of Craig Lundvall’s success at protecting his customers is his own deep paranoia. Though completely different, they make the perfect team.

As they begin to pick up the trail, Serafina strikes again. Another middle-aged male and his yacht disappear. Dan is baffled. Why would the yachts be stolen and the owners with them? Usually piracy was theft of valuables on the boat and the boat would then be abandoned.

Dan begins to suspect the entire yacht is being stolen and stored on the ever present cargo ship floating off-shore. He can’t shake the suspicion that this is more than yacht theft.

Serafina strikes again. The trail sends Dan and Craig up and down the coast of Costa Rica, from one marina to another… always one step behind.
When it becomes apparent this has been a pattern across several Central American countries—targeting Americans, the CIA joins the hunt.

In the midst of the intrigue, Jahzarra steps into the picture forever capturing Craig’s heart. Poor Craig. His paranoid schizophrenia sends him into a tailspin as voices rage in his head. He must choose who to believe, Jahz or his inner voices.

In the meantime, Serafina has been in organized crime long enough to know when she is being trapped, but Dan has been in the trapping business longer.

To capture her, he must be captured.

With Dan taken, Craig and the CIA team are unified in one goal: Get Dan Cummings back. The chase culminates in southern Italy.

In a wild boat chase and gun fight, they discover the real purpose behind the piracy… the transportation of heroin and Syrian refugees across the Mediterranean in small yachts.

Battered and beaten, Dan lives and Craig chooses Jahz.

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Ken Moretti, JT Talley if desired by producer.

Submitted: June 14, 2020
Last Updated: June 14, 2020

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The Writer: Heidi Schussman

H. Schussman strives to create an entertaining conduit for readers to learn about unique people groups and little known cultures. As a retired Physical Therapist specializing in psychiatric and cognitive disorders in the high risk population, she pulls decades of first-hand experience into her novels. She is well traveled, as can be seen by her blog: A Dashing Bold Adventure. Schussman has written four novels in the McGee Crime series, and has three other projects in the works: Biography of Clay Boyce-A Chief Engineer on the Apollo Program, and two feature-film screenplays Piratessa and The Legend of The Toymaker. Crafting fast-paced intelligent stories is Schussman’s passion. Go to bio

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