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Based upon the book by Kevin Clark
Set in Australia. Haunted by a boat accident that killed a man and his daughter, a cop investigates a serial murders case that appears to be connected to this past tragedy.

Two teenage girls, Paula and Lyndsay about to enter university, meet for ABC concert at the Sydney concert arena. In the crowded room, the young women relax and move to the rhythm of the music they grew up with. As they hide in the toilets to smoke a joint, Lindsay's eyes are attracted by a drawing and, a note scrawled in lipstick on one of the walls:

"When this monster enters my brain, I will never know. But it's here to stay. Catch me before I do more…" There's a picture of a terrified woman with blood pouring
from her face.
 Below Lindsay can read: "First kill".

As the two girls leave the concert, they run after the last bus for Pittwater, but Lindsay stumbles, and the bus leaves without them. A car stops near them and a man we don't see, invites them to get in. The teenage girls accept, delighted to be no longer alone outside on this late night.
As the mysterious driver begins driving to Pittwater his conversation becomes more and more disturbing. Lindsay knocked out by the party and the joint she smoked earlier, falls asleep and Paula realizes the driver has taken the wrong road. He leads her to a vacant lot with a view overlooking Pittwater and its yachts, then he stabs Paula violently, as Lindsay is still fast asleep, but her fate won't be much more enviable than her friend's.

Politic Sydney telegraph's journalist Lisa Gordon, is still looking for the scoop that will make her the great reporter she dreams to be. Her editor informs her that a body has been found on a Pittwater vacant lot. The body seems to correspond to that of one of the teenagers who disappeared recently.
On her way there, Lisa meets Detective Ryan, a police officer in charge of the investigation, tortured by an unsolved Yatch accident that cost the life of a young architect and his little daughter years ago. First case he worked on as a young cop.
The girl's body was excruciatingly mutilated, a letter carved on her skin by the killer.
Soon, Ryan and Lisa discover that the land on which the young woman's body was found belongs to the upcoming Governor Wayne Brewster, a corrupt politician...

Ryan remembers that the young architect who died in the boat explosion worked for this same Brewster at the time of his death…

Pittwater-First trailer
Submitted: January 25, 2020
Last Updated: February 19, 2020

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The Writer: Jordan Tate

A produced, versatile and prolific female screenwriter, Jordan Tate has a strong interest in thrillers, science fiction and fantasy stories; she also focuses her attention on tormented characters and stories based on actual events. Alfred Hitchcock, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan and Stanley Kubrick have influenced her imagination. She enjoys putting her audience and readers on the wrong track with characters that are never what they seem to be. She often quotes the legendary movie "KING KONG"as being behind her vocation. Her recent accomplishments include various assignments for several worldwide production companies especially in Europe and USA. She has had... Go to bio

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