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Two friends start their own podcast to make a living, but negative attention and creative differences threaten to destroy their show and tear their friendship apart.



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Best friends Holly and Lisa have created their own podcast called "Too Hot for TV!" The show consists of the girls whispering into an ASMR microphone as they do schtick that appears sexy but is rather silly. Despite the improvised nature, they find a basic formula where Holly fiddles with the mic while Lisa expresses hesitation at what she's doing. Unfortunately, the show struggles to take off and whatever views they get is not enough to support them financially.

Things change when the more popular and cynical podcast "The Antenna" reviews the second episode of "Too Hot for TV," with the three hosts ripping it to shreds. This attention does increase the girls' views, but it lets in a bunch of negative reviews that splits the two right down the middle. Lisa views this as a sign that their show is not working and wants to change things, while Holly prefers to stick to what they have, believing that the bad marks will only increase their viewership.

Amplifying matters is when "The Antenna" continues to review "Too Hot for TV" episodes when their usual punching bag unexpectedly gets roadkilled. Lisa soon catches wind of this and it only vindicates her desire for better quality while also making Holly hesitant to change the show. With tensions increasing and the online vitriol wearing off its welcome, things turn to a head when the girls are asked to be interviewed on "The Antenna." Will they be able to make it through without destroying their friendship in the process?

Submitted: August 8, 2022
Last Updated: August 8, 2022

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The Writer: Craig E. Zecko

I have been self-taught to be a professional screenwriter (although I did take a couple of classes along the way) and I have what it takes to deliver projects that are both unlike anything audiences have seen before and can easily go behind the camera. Because of my eclectic tastes in films and TV, I am able to work with a wide range of genres. In addition to being a devoted writer and hard worker, I am easy to work with and can take criticism. No matter how difficult the industry may be, the last thing I want to do is give up. Go to bio

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